Mac Jones Did *NOT* Get Fined For His Junk-Kicking Slide Against Jaquan Brisker

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Mac Jones Did *NOT* Get Fined For His Junk-Kicking Slide Against Jaquan Brisker

Chicago Bears

We’re no strangers to the NFL’s oddities when it comes to its disciplinary code, but this even perplexes me.

In case you missed it, Mac Jones’ egregious slide on Monday Night Football saw the Patriots quarterback’s foot hit Bears safety Jaquan Brisker in a rather unfortunate area. And earlier in the week, Brisker expressed his displeasure with the hit because he felt like it was done on purpose. So much so that it seems as if he was waiting for a punishment to come down on Jones. Lo and behold there was a fine to come out of a hit that was in violation of the NFL’s rule book. However, it wasn’t the one that was top of mind:

Which means…

In fairness, Mike Pennel Jr.’s blindside block — which resulted in an ejection from Chicago’s MNF win in New England — was fairly dealt with. But for Jones to get off scot-free is ridiculous.

I dare you to tell me, with a straight face, that this wasn’t worth a fine:

It is tough for me to take the health and safety protocols seriously when a shot to another player’s junk goes unpunished. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to throw the entire weight of the rulebook on Jones. But Jones not getting any punishment for his actions opens the door for this to continue happening. And that could ultimately lead to some Grayson Allen stuff seeping into the NFL. Nobody wants that. Not in the NBA. And not in the NFL.

Maybe it’ll take a quarterback getting their junk rattled around for the league to take notice. Any QBs want to be a sacrificial lamb for this experiment?

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Author: Luis Medina

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