Justin Fields Was "The Best Player in Football" on Sunday and Everyone Is Taking Notice

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Justin Fields Was “The Best Player in Football” on Sunday and Everyone Is Taking Notice

Chicago Bears

There is a lot of love out there for Justin Fields today.

And with good reason, as QB1 has finally arrived to the point where national analysts can’t ignore the unique combination of talent and potential coming together and giving up some of the best quarterback play we’ve seen from a Chicago Bears quarterback … ever (though that cuts both ways if we’re being honest).

We’ve seen the flashes here and there. But now, Fields is finally putting it together over entire games. It puts us, as Bears fans, in a weird position. There isn’t a Bears fan out there who has seen anything like this in their lifetimes. And you can tell that others around football have seen nothing like it either.

Below is sampling of the praise being heaped on Chicago’s QB1 since his record-setting performance against the Dolphins:

  • Mina Kimes is one of my favorite football writers and analysts. When she says Justin Fields is fun to watch, it’s the truth.
  • Richard Sherman sounds like someone who is thankful he doesn’t have to defend Fields. Can’t say I blame him:

The best player in football Sunday? Not Tyreek Hill. Not even Joe Mixon. Justin Fields. Not only did he set the NFL regular-season record for a QB with 178 rushing yards, but he had his third straight dominant game in a 35-32 loss to Miami. In the Bears’ first 23 games after drafting Fields, they’d never scored 31 points or more. In his last three games, he’s averaging 31.3 points and 107 rushing yards. What a treat to watch.

  • Fields had the Dolphins all sorts of flabberghasted:
  • Even Dolphins backers had to show some respect:

“He’s making sharp decisions, he’s clearly in command, and he clearly seems to have the skills to succeed in the league. And he’s doing all of this with what’s probably one of the weakest all-around rosters in the league. The Bears, remember, traded away two of their best defensive players last week and traded for Chase Claypool to get Fields some help. They know they have a ton of work to do on their roster in the offseason, but if they can beef up the defense and the offensive line, and keep putting pieces around Fields to help him continue his development, the future is bright for the Ohio State product in the Windy City.”

  • Up in the land of cheese, they’ve acknowledged that Fields has surpassed Aaron Rodgers:
  • That’s gotta be a tough pill to swallow for some folks.
  • Few things beat a Baldy breakdown. And it’s a beautiful thing to see him highlighting Fields’ resurgence:
  • Sometimes, all you need is one emoji to say everything you want:
  • The QB School’s J.T. O’Sullivan has my heart fluttering:

“Justin Fields is special. He’s been special. I don’t care where the hell you’ve been, he’s been special for a long time. Now we’re starting to see that flourish on Sundays because of how the Bears are starting to use him. … Is it perfect? Hell no. And that’s really the exciting part. Once you start to see the consistency … when he is able to take those few little steps and really put everything together, my goodness watch out. It’s already special. So once it comes together, it’s going to be scary.”

  • Reading “This is him.” gave me literal chills:
  • We’ve never experienced anything like this as Bears fans. Ever.
  • And to think, the best is yet to come:

Keep in mind that all of this came in a loss. Just wait until GM Ryan Poles rounds out this team with a better line, upgrades in the pass-catching department, and bolsters the defense. The Bears have something special in Fields. But could have a special team around him if they play their cards right.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.