WATCH: Ryan Poles and Ian Cunningham Go on a 3-City College Scouting Trip Looking For Future Bears

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WATCH: Ryan Poles and Ian Cunningham Go on a 3-City College Scouting Trip Looking For Future Bears

Chicago Bears

I smiled when Ryan Poles first arrived on the scene explaining how he wanted to build the Bears through the draft.

Sure, every general manager says it at lease once (usually during their introductory press conference), but it felt genuine coming from Poles. After all, Poles is a scout at heart who climbed his way through the Chiefs’ scouting ranks working for three different GMs in the process before landing in the big chair in Chicago.

After watching this video of Poles and Assistant GM Ian Cunningham going on a three-city college scouting tour that included stops to see six top programs over 48 hours, my faith in the Bears building through the draft was renewed.

Check it out:

There is so much college football talent in all corners of the country. But seeing Chicago’s football team have a heavy presence with eyes on some of the top programs sends me to a happy place. Moreover, hearing what Poles had to say about what he was looking for when he had eyes on 45 prospects (including an estimated 15-20 in the top half of the draft) playing in the Alabama-Mississippi State, Syracuse-Clemson, and Georgia Tech-Virginia games on the Oct. 22 weekend was a nice pull-back-the-curtain type of moment for me.

“The goal of the trip was really to have as much interaction with some of the draft prospects at multiple different schools,” Poles said. “We want to get a perspective, up close and personal, on how they approach a game, what do they look like before the game, how are they with the ups and downs of a game. Because, for us, resilience is a big thing we look for.”

There are so many more nuggets, tidbits, and anecdotes throughout this 12-minute video from Poles and Cunningham. So I encourage you to watch the video if you’d like more background on how this tandem operates as it goes about rebuilding the Bears in their image.

At the end of the day, I just love that the Bears are doing videos like this one and sharing them with us. The Ryan Pace era had us feeling like everything they did was a top-secret mission with classified information that would self-destruct 10 seconds after opening it if not properly stowed away. But there is an openness that Poles has at the outset of his Bears career as GM that is endearing. I hope he and his staff can keep it up.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.