The Jets Are Next Up for the Bears, and Their Coach Just Called Their Offense "Dog[poop]"

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The Jets Are Next Up for the Bears, and Their Coach Just Called Their Offense “Dog[poop]”

Chicago Bears

The New York Jets are next up for the Chicago Bears, and boy are they are imploding.

While they still have a winning record in the AFC East, the Jets (6-4) just lost in hilarious fashion on Sunday, and the self-assessment in the Meadowlands is … well. Just take a look for yourself.

In one corner is Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh, who pulls no punches on the team’s second-half offensive showing:


Well, hey, we all want our coaches to speak honestly and candidly, right? And that’s as honest and candid as it gets. I think we can all appreciate those words — even if they’re harsh. C’mon now, they’re accurate.

The only person who probably doesn’t appreciate it is Zach Wilson. But it doesn’t sound like he has any remorse after another woeful showing by the Jets offense:

Oof! That probably isn’t going to land well in the locker room. And I don’t imagine it will go over well with a defense that held Bill Belichick to just three stinking points (in his own house) before a game-winning punt return touchdown in the game’s waning seconds. Saleh is a defensive-leaning head coach. And he sounds as if his QB let him (and his unit) down on Sunday. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the Jets facility this week!

The Bears are coming off a tough loss of their own. But at least they’re not as dysfunctional as these Jets are coming into game week. And at least they’re not second-guessing their quarterback selection from the 2021 NFL Draft. Then again, they’d probably counter with the fact that at least their quarterback is healthy. To which I would respond: That’s probably a good thing (for the Bears).

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Author: Luis Medina

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