Fields' Shoulder, Improving Awareness, Siemian on Deck, and Other Bears Bullets

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Fields’ Shoulder, Improving Awareness, Siemian on Deck, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’ve been nursing an annoying cough for the last few days, so I zonked out early last night. While I was snoozing, PFT’s Mike Florio offered an update to Justin Fields’ injury situation, reporting that Chicago’s QB1 did *NOT* suffer a dislocated left shoulder. And ESPN’s Adam Schefter chimed in during MNF with an update of his own:

My hope is that Wednesday provides some clarity to the situation, as it will be the next time Head Coach Matt Eberflus speaks to the media. Plus, Fields usually meets with the press at Halas Hall on Wednesdays. If he doesn’t, that might be a sign. Buckle up.

  • If Fields can’t play, the Bears will hand the keys to Trevor Siemian. Siemian, 30, played collegiately at Northwestern and has 34 games (29 starts) under his belt. He has also thrown more touchdowns (41) than interceptions (27) in his pro craeer. In short, Siemian is a perfectly cromulent backup quarterback. That doesn’t mean to set your expectations high. In fact, I’d encourage you to not have any expectations heading into a game where Siemian is a starter. His job, as QB2, is to simply navigate through the game without making too much of a mess. But at age 30, Siemian knows the deal.
  • This was a fun highlight to unearth yesterday:
  • Even if Siemian is a serviceable No. 2 quarterback, I fear that we’re set up to see some ugly Bears football down the stretch if Fields isn’t healthy enough to play. In theory, an IR trip would cause Fields to miss upcoming games against the Jets (on the road, coming off an ugly loss, with a nasty D-line), Packers (at home against a long-time nuisance), Eagles (arguably the NFC’s best team), and Bills (arguably the AFC’s best team). Would you want Fields to return for a two-game cameo on the road against the Lions and at home against the Vikings? There is a case to be made for letting Fields play (there are valuable practice and in-game reps that could help with further growth) and sitting him (let’s be fair, what else is left for him to prove?) down the stretch. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
  • Chris Emma (670 The Score) is on the button with his assessment that the Bears need to better prioritize Fields’ health down the stretch. He is the best and most important player on this team now and moving forward. Don’t screw this up.
  • While the Bears sort through their own quarterback issues, the Jets’ quarterback situation is up in the air:
  • If only someone of the caliber of Justin Fields would’ve been available when the Jets went on the clock with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. If. Only.
  • Some clarity regarding some confounding play calling at the end of Sunday’s Bears loss to the Falcons. That 2nd-and-long QB draw on the Bears’ final drive wasn’t supposed to be that at all. Instead, Head Coach Matt Eberflus told reporters (h/t Kevin Fishbain) that the play was supposed to be a halfback draw handoff to David Montgomery. Unfortunately, something was lost in translation and we got what we did with Fields barrelling forward for a handful of yards.
  • Good on Olin Kreutz for catching it in real-time:
  • Here I was hoping a coaching explanation would help me feel better. But a 2nd-and-long HB draw when your team is down by three points and you’re on what is your last drive is still a questionable call. And one I’m not totally vibing with from Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy. I still think Getsy gets some offseason head coaching consideration, but I’m sure many will point to those late-game calls in Atlanta and see it as a sign that the Bears OC is a year away from being a year away. Frankly, I’d be OK with that. Let Justin cook in this offense for a few years.
  • When discussing Fields’ growth as a passer, I hope this moment doesn’t get lost in the shuffle because the Bears lost:
  • This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen and it kinda makes me miss being on the sidelines reporting on high school football games. Some of the stories that can be told are so unique that I can’t begin to discuss them and give them their due justice:
  • It was good to see Velus Jones Jr. start his redemption tour with a 55-yard kickoff return. In speaking after the game, it sure sounds like Jones took his two weeks of being a healthy scratch to heart:

“I don’t have to prove nothing to anybody but myself,” Jones said, via Larry Mayer of the Bears’ official web site. “I know who I am. I know how special I was since (being) a kid with the ball in my hands and that hasn’t changed, through all the adversity I faced in the season from being a healthy scratch these past two weeks. When your number’s called, make a play, that’s it. That’s in the past; there’s nothing I can do about that. Just keep moving forward.”

  • Next up for Velus? How about some more snaps on offense? An end around? Reverse? Jet sweep? Screen? Something!? Let’s keep the ball rolling while it is moving in a positive direction.
  • David Montgomery seems to have some regrets about not catching what turned out to be the game-sealing interception thrown by Fields. “I could have caught it,” Montgomery told reporters, via the Sun-Times’ Mark Potash. So much wrong happened on that play. Another defeat at the point of attack for the offensive line. Fields scrambling and throwing up a desperate heave with poor footwork that led to him sailing the ball past the outstretched fingertips of Monty’s hands. Montgomery shouldn’t be too hard on himself, as it was a tough ball to catch. But that’s how players are β€” if it hits their hands at any point, they feel like they can catch it.
  • Tank Watch standings update:
  • For the NFL history buffs among you, this might pique your interest:
  • UGH! But I want it now:
  • The Bulls get back in the win column by defeating *checks notes* the defending Eastern Conference champion Celtics? Hey, I’ll take it!
  • It feels like I’m reading everything rumor-related these days as we patiently await the moment the Cubs actually do something:
  • Jonathan Toews is still good at hockey:

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