Monty Keeps Chugging, Weirdo Rodgers, Watching the Injury Report, Amin Time, Who’s Got Next? And Other Bears Bullets

For the first time in a few days, I’m starting to feel better (from a health perspective). But had I been in better health, I’d have been making my way to Bloomington (Ind.) for the North Carolina-Indiana basketball game tonight. Instead, it’ll be another day of medicine, rest, and drinking orange juice til the cows come home.

But first, Bullets.

  • Today is a good day for Justin Fields to be listed as a full participant at Bears practice. Later, we’ll get the first injury report of Packers Week. Last week, Fields was limited from a participation standpoint due to the left shoulder injury he sustained during the previous week’s game against the Falcons. Ultimately, the three days of limited participation was a precursor to Fields being inactive on Sunday against the Jets. The combination of not getting medical clearance from the doctors and not feeling right by Fields’ own admission were contributing factors keeping Fields from playing. To be clear, I’m not about rushing Fields back to play anyone โ€” even if it is the hated Packers. But I’d like to see Fields start making progress in the practice and participation department.
  • Take some time out of your day to read this from ESPN’s Courtney Cronin, who dives into Fields’ journey through life and football while dealing with epilepsy. It’s not that I had forgotten about Fields’ battle with epilepsy. That has always been in the back of my mind. But it hadn’t been on the front-burner since it was revealed as a thing during the pre-draft process when Fields told teams he was managing epilsepsy. And if you’ll recall, “the epilepsy” was reportedly part of the reason the Broncos didn’t draft Fields in 2021. Everything happens for a reason. And I’m glad Fields is managing it well. Health is important.
  • This photo is a work of art and I felt compelled to share it:
  • Do I miss watching Khalil Herbert run the ball? Absolutely. Do I appreciate what David Montgomery brings to the table as a load-carrying workhorse back? Yep, I sure do. Montgomery is entering the final stretch of what might be his last run with the Bears. There hasn’t been much in terms of extension talks for the free-agent-to-be. And I have my doubts regarding Monty’s long-term future with this team. But there is no doubt that Montgomery has been one of Ryan Pace’s best draft picks. Pace deserves a head nod, while Montgomery should get a hearty pat on the back for what he’s been able to do to keep things chugging along.
  • Tuesday was a rough one from an injury standpoint with Eddie Jackson and Darnell Mooney landing on IR. Mooney’s IR stint is a season-ender, while Jackson’s almost certainly will be, too. The NFL prides itself as a next-man-up league. And the Bears will certainly provide opportunities down the stretch for any number of players to step up and step into new roles. For better or worse. I mean, are we really ready to see seventh-round rookie Elijah Hicks get an expanded role at safety? It might not matter if we’re ready. Hicks, DeAndre Houston-Carson, and A.J. Thomas are the only healthy safeties on the active roster. Are we about to see N’Keal Harry get some more passing game reps? Harry probably deserves one last long look going into this upcoming offseason. Is there anyone behind Kindle Vildor on the cornerbacks depth chart who is worth giving an extra look?
  • At some point between now and year’s end, I’d like to see Alex Leatherwood get a long look from this coaching staff. Leatherwood has yet to make his Bears debut. And perhaps part of his development plan is using the 2022 season as a redshirt year to get him familiar with new surroundings, re-shape his physique, and get him squared away to hit the ground running in 2023. But if it isn’t, I’d like to see Leatherwood suit up for the Bears sometime before the year ends. It doesn’t even have to be him getting a full snap share. Put him in a timeshare with another offensive lineman. Make him an eligible tackle in heavy sets. Leatherwood still has a unique prospect pedigree that is worth exploring. Let’s get him on the field already!
  • Ooh, we’re getting the Adam Amin experience this weekend:
  • Amin is a budding superstar on the broadcast front. And I wonder if a time will come where FOX will elevate him to its top broadcast team. With all due respect to Joe Davis (who despite his missteps last week is a fine broadcaster whose baseball work I enjoy) and Kevin Burkhardt (who still seems to be finding his footing as the guy with top billing), Amin’s presentation as a broadcaster is the best of what FOX’s broadcast stable has to offer. I’m glad he is doing this upcoming Bears game.
  • FLEX alert:
  • Speaking of the Dolphins, watching this was a treat:
  • Aaron Rodgers is a weirdo:
  • Von Miller went down with a rough injury on Thanksgiving, but believes he’ll be back before the year ends:
  • UGH. The injury Kyle Pitts suffered against the Bears turns out to be one that is ending his season:
  • So what do we think of the College Football Playoff rankings heading into Championship Weekend?
  • As an agent of chaos, part of me wants to know what it would look like if Georgia, Michigan, TCU, and USC all lost their upcoming games. It would be stupendous to see some new blood, so I’m down to see TCU and USC stick around in that top 4. But more than anything, I’m looking forward to spotting whatever top-tier talent in these high-profile games that could help the Bears in 2023 and beyond.
  • Also? It hit me over the weekend how nice it was to watch college football without asking myself is this a quarterback the Bears need to draft? โ€” it’s been a truly pleasant experience.
  • Cheeseheads are truly everywhere:
  • Here we go again:
  • Well … we’re waiting:
  • Hurry up and do something, Cubs:
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