Expansion! The College Football Playoffs Will Be a 12-Team Event

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Expansion! The College Football Playoffs Will Be a 12-Team Event

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Progress comes to college football slowly, so I’m not surprised that it has taken us this long to get to this point. But I’m glad that we’re making it at all because it feels like a sign of progress.

But after talking about it for a while, the college football world is taking the next step.

Finally, the College Football Playoff is ready for expansion to 12 teams:

The ever-changing landscape of college football is getting a championship-caliber makeover. A 12-team playoff is coming for the 2024-25 season. So, I’m sorry if you were hoping it would come sooner. But better late than never, right?

More teams is a good start. Going from four to 12 teams feels like a major jump, but it is a necessary one. This expanded bracket will include the six highest-ranked conference champions making the cut as automatic qualifiers. Meanwhile, the next six highest-ranked teams will join the playoff fun. Ultimately, this will bring us more games of consequence. College football is fun. But it can be better with more high-stakes games with some of the game’s best young players. And the way this seems to be laid out, there appears to be a higher chance of fun upsets occurring. I’m not sure if we’ll get some NCAA Tournament shockers like when March Madness rolls around. But I guess the potential is there for it to happen.

Thanks for doing your part, Rose Bowl:

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