Let Justin Cook, Jalen Carter Dominates, Fleecing the Lions? And Other Bears Bullets

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Let Justin Cook, Jalen Carter Dominates, Fleecing the Lions? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Bears. Packers. Round 2.

Except I’m in Los Angeles.

This will still be fun, even if I’m not in the trenches as I was when I took the early season trip to Green Bay.

Let’s try and have some fun today (no matter where you are).

  • Here’s where I am when it comes to Bears quarterback Justin Fields playing today. On the one hand, I’m nervous. I’m not a doctor, but I’m not sure shoulder injuries fully heal as quickly as they did for Fields. But Fields giving consecutive full days of practice and being taken off the injury report Friday speaks volumes for the health of his shoulder. So while I’m nervous, I trust a player who said before the Jets game he wouldn’t risk further injury that he would feel that way going into this one. Maybe I’m naive.
  • Frankly, I appreciate that Fields wants to play. It is a testament to who he is and a sign of who he’ll be in the future. The Bears organization better not take it lightly that Fields is being a full-go during Packers Week just one week after feeling uncomfortable making practice throws. This one is a keeper.
  • It made me chuckle to think of the reaction of the other 52 guys in the locker room had the Bears essentially said “Justin is healthy enough, but he is so important to the future that we’re going to sit him out.” Imagine the message that would send across a locker room of players who are playing through their own injuries. Want to lose a locker room? That would be one way of doing it.
  • The meatball in me is looking forward to an up-and-coming Fields taking on Aaron Rodgers as the big baddie one last time. We’ve been waiting for years to see the Bears put up a quarterback who could duel Rodgers in a shootout. Is today the day it happens?
  • Sigh. My dirty little secret dream scenario is Fields shredding the Packers on the ground and through the air, but the Bears maintaining their draft positioning in the oddest way possible. Maybe something like a PAT gone wrong because it is fumbled by the holder and returned by Green Bay for two points to secure a win. Something like that would keep the Bears sitting pretty with the No. 2 spot while also possibly knocking the Packers out of the top 10. Win-win?
  • I can’t front. This intrigues me:
  • Is this outrageous? It sure is! HOWEVA, it isn’t wholly unrealistic. If you consider that the Lions would be trading up to take a quarterback that the Bears would face twice a year, there is going to be some sort of intra-division tax that Detroit should have to pay for the juice worth the squeeze for Chicago. Would you give the Lions a shot at drafting their franchise quarterback if it meant that the Bears could re-build this thing into a fully operational battle station? I’d consider it, but I’d need some major convincing.
  • Of course Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur believes his former pupil (and current Bears play caller) Luke Getsy will be a head coach one day:
  • It wouldn’t surprise me if Getsy was a serious head coaching candidate this year. He received interviews last year, but nothing came to fruition. And while it seems like it would be far-fetched to hire an offensive coordinator with just one year of play-calling experience, that is exactly what the Packers did when they hired LaFleur to replace Mike McCarthy. It isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison, but it is a comp in which we’re still discussing delicious snack fruits.
  • It’s different here:
  • My mother was an ardent supporter of JDRF, so you know I’m loving these cleats:
  • College football is fun:
  • Looking for a quick and easy game-day snack? My friend Jim’s Instant Pot Chex Mix is a delightful treat.
  • Let the Winter Meetings BEGIN:
  • These NBA teams are circling like vultures:
  • Do I like the idea of the Bulls rebuilding again? Not really, no. Am I enamored with the idea of the Bulls lucking into drafting Victor Wembanyama? I’d be cool with that. But the Bulls currently have a 37.2% chance of their first-round pick not conveying to the Magic and only a 9.0% shot at getting the first overall pick. Tank jobs are cool. But it is more realistic that the Bulls don’t end up with their own first-round pick than it is that they do. Han Solo taught me to never tell me the odds. But I don’t think the Bulls have Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, or R2-D2 at their disposal. Chewie in the post would be a menace, though.
  • Chicago’s hockey team is back in the win column:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.