Must-Read: How Passing on Justin Fields Sent the Broncos Into a Spiral

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Must-Read: How Passing on Justin Fields Sent the Broncos Into a Spiral

Chicago Bears

So this is how the other half lives ….

After years of getting needled about organizational missteps around the QB position, Bears fans are finally on the other end of the conversation, basking in the glory of Justin Fields. Right in front of our very eyes, Fields is developing into an honest to goodness franchise quarterback, flashing signs of greatness, making splash plays, and growing as a signal caller. It’s a beautiful thing.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos aren’t having as much fun. Because two seasons after passing on Fields, some regret seems to be setting in:

What if the Broncos drafted Justin Fields? is one of the big, bold sections of Frank Schwab’s piece at Yahoo! Sports outlining the chain of events that is so wild that you come away surprised that the Bears aren’t on the short end of the stick for a change. Seriously! The luck the Bears needed in order for the chips to fall in their favor is bonkers. Hey, they were due. Right?

Schwab calls it “already a legendary ‘what if’ moment” and I have no argument to the contrary. That speaks volumes, doesn’t it? And it is absolutely wild that the Broncos passing on Fields for Patrick Surtain II, in isolation, isn’t awful. Think about it. Drafting Surtain fortified Denver’s defense. Securing a lock-down corner in a division where Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Derek Carr sling it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want that? However, that decision also set off quite a domino effect.

Look at the consequences of your actions, Denver:

  • Maybe they avoid hiring Nathaniel Hackett, who Schwab writes as being someone who “seems certain to be a one-and-done head coach.”
  • With Fields, there is no way the Broncos trade for Russell Wilson *OR* give him a bank-breaking deal the team can’t get out of without losing cap space and paying at least $85 million in dead money until 2025.
  • And they’d have Fields. On a rookie contract. With a bunch of picks (because they wouldn’t have had to make a trade for Russ), young talent, and a coach who wasn’t hired because the Broncos thought they were going to swing an offseason trade for Aaron Rodgers. Ope!

So, what if the Broncos drafted Justin Fields? I guess we’ll never know…

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.