Flashback Forte, BoJack Bounces Back, Ditkaversary, and Other Bears Bullets

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Flashback Forte, BoJack Bounces Back, Ditkaversary, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

My body is still punishing me for taking it out of the California sunshine and bringing it back to the chilly, gray Midwest. It’ll take some time to adjust.

  • For the first time in a long time (perhaps ever?) I’m comfortable with the Bears’ starting quarterback situation. And yet, I can’t keep my eyes off any and all pre-draft quarterback content that comes my way. This morning, I found myself thumbing through Jordan Reid’s QB ranking board at ESPN. To be clear, I’m not looking to replace Justin Fields. HOWEVA, I was curious to see if there were any late-round potential sleepers who could be in consideration for some type of apprenticeship role. Trevor Siemian is under contract for next year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be looking down the line. In fact, I’d argue there is value in finding a different style of backup. Or, at minimum, a younger model.
  • Maybe Heisman finalists such as TCU’s Max Duggan (late-round developmental QB?) or Georgia’s Stetson Bennett (practice squad stash candidate?) could make sense. Perhaps one-time hot prospects like Sam Hartman (Wake Forest) or Tanner McKee (Stanford) would be Day 3 prospects. Whatever the case, it is always good to know what is coming down the quarterback pipeline.
  • Also? There is never a bad time to read up on the prospects at the top of the board who Bears GM Ryan Poles could be wanting to gas up to raise their value (and thus, bump the value of the first-round pick the Bears will have).
  • I believe the Lions should DEFINITELY trade up for this guy:
  • Just wait until Fields has more dependable pass blockers and receivers who can maximize his deep-ball proficiency:
  • Speaking of offensive linemen, maybe Alex Leatherwood deserves some more playing time down the stretch:
  • Eddie Jackson is celebrating his 29th birthday today. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy some highlights:
  • Come back soon, Quanny B.:
  • Maybe this is just me hoping, but perhaps this Twitter tease is a sign that Jaquan Brisker will be back after the bye. Brisker missed the Bears’ last two games while in concussion protocol.
  • As for us, we’ve missed watching how the Bears actively use Brisker as a blitzer:
  • C’mon, now. Do-it-all safeties don’t come around these parts often. So we should appreciate them while they’re roaming in the Bears’ secondary. After all, we went through a revolving door of mediocrity after the Mike Brown days came to an end. In other words, we should know (and appreciate) good things when we see them.
  • Something to listen to while running errands today:
  • Side note: It was really cool meeting Adam Rank last week out in Cali. There is nothing better than coming together as Bears fans to root against the Packers on a Sunday. Can’t wait to do it again some day.
  • Yours truly was in transit and recovery mode most of yesterday, so I missed this from the Pro Football Hall of Fame honoring Mike Ditka on the nine-year anniversary of his No. 89 being retired:
  • Bye week fodder: What happened to the Honey Bears? Alex Shapiro (NBCS Chicago) has the answers you seek.
  • Also celebrating a birthday is Matt Forte, one of my favorite Bears RBs:
  • Holy smokes. I definitely missed this while in transit leaving California:
  • I see the NFL isn’t taking too kindly to “faking it” these days:
  • Of course the Knicks are circling like vultures:
  • Thanks, I hate it:

Author: Luis Medina

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