The "Impossible" Metric, Value in Winning, Fields' Developmental Gains, Jenkins Isn't Moving Again, and Other Bears Bullets

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The “Impossible” Metric, Value in Winning, Fields’ Developmental Gains, Jenkins Isn’t Moving Again, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

As soon as I’m done with Bullets, I’m going to be whipping up these scrambled eggs for myself and The Girlfriend. Thanks for the recipe, Jim.

  • But we can’t spend too much time thinking about the future. Not right now. Not when gameday is HERE. The Bears are back. And that means Justin Fields is back. Considering how Fields has rated as a passer in six games since the mini-bye (67.4% completions, a 9-5 TD-INT ratio, and 95.9 passer rating), I can’t wait to see how he finishes these final four games after a full-on bye week. Chicago’s football team didn’t do well after the bye during Matt Nagy’s tenure. And Matt Eberflus has his work cut out for him as his first post-bye assignment is to get these Bears ready for the NFC-leading Eagles. But that’s why you play these games. It sure feels like a good time to test the gang. And what better way to do it than at home against Philly?
  • You play to win the game, as Herm Edwards once eloquently put it. But this time of year is all about development. Don’t be surprised if you see some Bears players trying their hands at new positions. Just don’t expect it to be Teven Jenkins. Because, for the last time, he is *NOT* moving out to tackle. Per Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy:

“I think he’s a guy who could do it but I think what is most important is that he continues to grow at what he’s at,” Getsy said, per BearsWire’s Brendan Sugrue. “I think moving inside this year gave him an opportunity to find himself and I think he has. He’s done a really nice job of owning that role and has an opportunity to be a really good guy on the inside. So I don’t think there’s any interest to try and move him somewhere else, but I think he’s capable of doing that.”

  • The Bears have a potential Pro Bowl guard in Jenkins. Why mess with what’s working?
  • Again, you play to win the game. So I love that the Bears’ coordinators still have that in mind as they prepare for this week’s action:
  • There is value in winning. Winning feels good. Or, at minimum, it feels better than losing. But it can also be the breeding ground for good habits. And a place where good vibes can grow. Even as we talk about a Bears tank, we must keep in mind that players and coaches don’t tank. That’s a good thing. No, seriously. Because as they continue to work hard (despite not getting desired results) the payoff once they get back into the win column will act like a carrot that everyone will continue chasing. There is value in winning, but it’s not like losing means you can’t develop.
  • Remember last year when the Lions were an annoyance throughout the NFL season? And do you see how they are battling for a playoff spot a year later? I’m not saying there is a direct correlation between the two, but I’d bet the players and coaches look back on positive experiences down the stretch last year as a springboard to what is happening in 2022. I never thought I’d want the Bears to follow in the Lions’ footsteps. HOWEVER, I think it might be fun to put a scare in some of these teams that are favored to beat Chicago’s football squad down the stretch. And not just because there could be some value in betting on the Bears against the spread. Although, in fairness, have you seen how many of these big numbers don’t get covered? It feels like a sign.
  • A stray Lions note that flew under my radar last week that still has relevance today: NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reports Detroit isn’t necessarily looking to move on from quarterback Jared Goff. Of course, how Goff finishes this season will inform the Lions’ ultimate direction. But it sounds like some in Detroit see Goff as a potential long-term option. If that’s the case, that’ll be welcome news for the Bears (mostly because I just don’t believe Goff is That Dude). However, this could have NFL Draft ramifications if the Lions aren’t quarterback-hunting. But I feel like we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it in due time.
  • The NFC North trophy is on loan to the Vikings for the moment after a stunning comeback. Even Kirk Cousins is flabbergasted:
  • Good luck explaining this chart to a non-football fan:
  • Imagine going to nap at halftime, only to see that final score. Couldn’t have been me. Oh, wait
  • It’s not Yung Joc’s Hustlenomics, but the Bears receivers are putting in work after being inspired by a “hustle metric” that is nudging the downfield blocking game. A fun read from the Trib’s Colleen Kane:
  • That the Bears have a hustle metric that rewards receivers for downfield blocking makes me think that we should keep it in mind when we’re looking for potential targets to fill that position via free agency *AND* the draft.
  • Some game within the game stuff to keep an eye on today when the Eagles are facing fourth down:
  • A holiday message from the Bears:
  • There’s no football like snow football:
  • Guess what? You won’t be getting any of that stuff when the Bears are in an indoor stadium with a dome over their heads in Arlington Heights.
  • The Cubs can’t stop after signing Swanson. And with that in mind, some new names are popping up on the rumor mill:
  • Who’s looking for a good book? If you’re looking for a quality read, Tab has you covered:

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