Roquan Finally Did It, Fields Leads Pro Bowl Snubs, Kicking Rocks in the Cold, and Other Bears Bullets

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Roquan Finally Did It, Fields Leads Pro Bowl Snubs, Kicking Rocks in the Cold, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

My to-do list is too long for my liking. The snow is coming. And I don’t have enough hours in the day. Gulp.

  • Rosters for the NFL’s Pro Bowl Games (yes, you read that correctly) are OUT — and they include a familiar face. Bears Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith finally made the cut. We’ve been banging the drum for years on Roquan’s behalf, only to see him get the snub treatment. So on the one hand, I’m happy for the guy. This is a much-deserved honor for a player who has been putting in work at a high level for years. But on the other hand, I’m mildy annoyed it didn’t happen sooner. Moreover, I hate the optics that Smith is Pro Bowl worthy only after leaving the Bears. Brighter minds know that isn’t the case. But to the uneducated eye, it sure looks like Smith is actually good conveniently enough only after leaving Chicago. Grumble.
  • For some, it is going look like Roquan needed to leave Chicago to feel the love. But in reality, maybe leaving a conference with Fred Warner, Bobby Wagner, and Lavonte David made it easier to get a spot on a Pro Bowl roster. Sometimes, it is as simple as getting out of the log jam.
  • I chuckled when I saw Jack Sanborn (64.5) had a higher grade from Pro Football Focus than Roquan (64.1). Where is Sanborn’s Pro Bowl love!?
  • Speaking of Pro Bowl snubs:
  • Of course Fields made Eric Edholm’s list of most notable Pro Bowl snubs. (NFL dot com)

“Chicago is in good hands with Fields, and the league is fortunate to have him as one of the best young players in the game. His breakout this season is just the beginning.”

  • Perhaps Fields will make it as an alternate after any number of Pro Bowlers back out for a variety of real (and made-up) reasons. It sure would be nice for the Bears to have a rep rubbing shoulders with some of the game’s best. Particularly free-agents-to-be such as RBs Saquon Barkley and Tony Pollard, or OT Orlando Brown. Just saying…
  • I don’t think linebackers Joe Thomas or Matt Adams are making Pro Bowls any time soon. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be pieces to the puzzle. Depth is important. And with the Bears digging deep down the depth chart, analyst Tom Thayer explains how a pair of reserve backers were able to make some big plays for the defense:
  • Did I chuckle at the idea of a H.I.T.S. principle when I first heard Head Coach Matt Eberflus talk about it? Yes. Acronyms make me laugh. Don’t judge me. Mark Potash (Sun-Times) writes the H.I.T.S. keep coming at Halas Hall.
  • Some QBs are built different:
  • Additional fun facts: Fields also has more throwing yards and passing touchdowns than all of those guys … COMBINED!
  • I see the Bills are trying to get a head start on getting acclimated to Bear Weather:
  • Bears Special Teams Coach Richard Hightower’s quote about kicking in the cold has my attention:

“When you get into that cold weather, the ball was almost like you’re kicking a rock,” Hightower said, via the Tribune. “It won’t travel as far. … We prepared (Gill) for that moment as well as prepared Cairo for his moment. It’s not a ‘I said, you said’ kick-line-type deal. We agree on that before the game. We look at it. We make sure it’s the best for the team because if you ever miss a kick and you have a kick line wrong, then you put the defense in a bad situation.”

  • As I see prices go down on the secondary market for tickets on Saturday, the temptation to jump in and head out to Soldier Field rises. It might be the best time to see Fields and the Bears on the cheap. But there are considerable risks. And I’m not quite built for Bear Weather. Ha.
  • OK, this does look like fun:
  • They’d never do it (unless there was a detailed waiver/liability signing process) but the Bears should let beat writers and bloggers run through some of these drills for funsies. Bonus points for filming it for the sake of viral content. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Let’s help Jaylon Johnson:
  • AYO! The Bulls needed this:
  • Dansby time!

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.