Man It's a Cold One and Other Bears Bullets

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Man It’s a Cold One and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

It’s gonna be an unbelievably cold one today, for the players and staff and fans, alike. Stay safe out there.

  • If you’re going to the game, just know you won’t be freezing alone:
  • The coldest game I’ve ever attended was the Bears-Rams Sunday Night Football game that had a game-time temperature of 29 degrees. It sure felt a lot colder than that for most of that one. Why do we do this to ourselves?
  • Ah, yes, for moments like this:
  • Olin Kreutz, who spent 13 years playing in Bear Weather, has some good advice on making it through the cold. This probably works best if you’re a player who spends three hours on a Sunday working up a lather and bulldozing through fellow large humans. But this could be one of those “can’t hurt, could help” situations. All advice is welcome around here.
  • Nevertheless, keep the conditions – and the health of the roster – in mind when doing any post-game evaluation:
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing David Montgomery break off a huge run:
  • We might be entering the last days of David Montgomery as a member of the Bear, so enjoy it while you can.
  • This is frightening: The Giants believe several of their players were inside Mall of America on Friday night when a deadly shooting occurred. Everyone with the team is safe and accounted for, but it’s still a scary situation. (ESPN)
  • Transitioning into a brighter note, the Vikings are having a White Christmas of sorts:
  • I’m not saying a VIkings playoff stinker is on my Christmas list. Yours truly has other things he wants under the tree. But if Santa wanted to pull some strings and make it happen, I wouldn’t complain about a surprise gift that comes later than usual.
  • Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of The Immaculate Reception:
  • Sometimes, I’ll find myself watching these old school vids and being thankful there wasn’t replay or necessary ad reads that would’ve otherwise ruined the moment. Don’t get me wrong. We’ve all got bills to pay (I mean, my Christmas shopping bill is on another level) but this is such a pure moment. Truly nothing like it.
  • The timing of this news dump (5:29 p.m. ET) had me laughing out loud:
  • Five o’clock on a Friday before a holiday weekend is a great time to slide an NFL assistant coach getting suspended for violating the league’s gambling policy. And he didn’t bet on the NFL? I thought folks owuld learn from the Calvin Ridley situaiton. Guess not?
  • Holiday vibes:
  • Fergie Jenkins with a sweet idea:
  • If all you wanted for Christmas was a pair of wins from the United Center’s tennants last night, then you got what you were looking for:
  • Ben Zobrist is just built different:

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