Plans to Fix Pass Game, Poles and Flus Give Back, Outdoor Neutral-Site AFC Title Game? And Other Bears Bullets

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Plans to Fix Pass Game, Poles and Flus Give Back, Outdoor Neutral-Site AFC Title Game? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

My friend Jim’s cacio e pepe pasta recipe is one of the best things he has ever given me. And now, he is sharing the recipe with everyone. Now all of you (well, those of you who have at least a smidge of skill in the kitchen) get to be as lucky as me.

I haven’t been cooking much the last two weeks for obvious reasons. But I’ll admit I don’t love that I lean heavily on takeout during times of grief. And that feels like a good first step toward getting through to the other side. With that being said, maybe this is something I can cook up this weekend and get back into some good habits.

  • It can be hard to be fully focused on the future when the past weighs on you so heavily. But we have to keep on pushing. It is the only way to go. And with that being said, I thought this was a good thread from the Trib’s Dan Wiederer. Some highlights:
  • I love that the Bears are planning a “detailed study” examining what failed in the passing game in 2022 and how it can be better in 2023. Surely every team does this, but it lifts my spirits that the Bears are vocal about it. With that being said, I hope their research unearths things that worked in the passing game. To be fair, I don’t imagine that will be a lengthy strip of highlights. But there were some concepts that worked. And Fields made some throws that give you hope for the future. In the end, a thorough assessment of the offense is necessary this offseason.
  • Fun with sample sizes! Take Justin Fields’ stats in the 11 games from Week 4 to Week 16 and extrapolate them over a full 17-game season. I’ll save you the hassle of whipping out your calculator and give you the per-17 numbers here: 250/389 (64.3%), 2,890 passing yards, 22 TD (5.6 TD%), 9 INT (2.3 INT%), 95.2 passer rating. And, as you might expect, the rushing numbers are also eye-popping. Those per-17 game numbers: 190 carries, 1,416 rushing yards, and 11 TDs. If you told me Fields can put up a 30+ total TD season next year, then I’d tell you that I feel pretty darn good about that offensive future. Although, the fumbles (projected to come out to 19 per 17 games) are a concern. But we’ve got a long offseason ahead of us and we can sort through that whenever.
  • Keep in mind that Fields has already put it out there that he doesn’t plan on rushing for 1,000 yards every year. So maybe some of those rush yards turn into passing yards. Hopefully, Fields gets the type of firepower around him that can help him boost those passing numbers.
  • FWIW: Arizona Cardinals stud receiver DeAndre Hopkins might hit the market this offseason. And if he does, he is the type of receiver who could help raise the bar for Chicago’s passing game. All things considered, the Bears should kick the tires regarding his availability and the cost of doing business via trade. But the red flags (recent hamstring issues and an MCL tear in 2021, then a PED suspension in 2022) are quite bright. Josh Schrock (NBC Sports Chicago) explores Hopkins as the answer to this team’s WR1 need (but doesn’t seem convinced the fit is totally there).
  • Finding Fields in this picture of the Bears wishing Virginia McCaskey a happy 100th birthday is like playing Where’s Waldo? in 2023:
  • Pssst. He’s up in the front next to Coach Flus.
  • Sometimes, a few words in a tweet can properly express everything you need to say. And I would say that is what is happening here:
  • Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports) reports the NCAA is about to hand down numerous allegations of violations against Michigan football, including one on Jim Harbaugh for failing to cooperate with investigators. Suddenly, Harbaugh’s openness to coaching in the NFL again makes a lot more sense.
  • Seems like people like watching football:
  • A tip of the cap to the Bears for this:
  • Admittedly, I’m hypersensitive to these kinds of stories right now. But I must say that seeing the continuous positive updates regarding Hamlin’s health and the outpouring of support sparks a feeling in me. I’m struggling to describe it. But it is like a reassurance that there can be justice in this universe.
  • Follow Bears GM Ryan Poles and Head Coach Matt Eberflus on their visit at Maryville Academy’s Children’s Health Center in Chicago:
  • I truly enjoy seeing the Bears reach out and give back to the community.
  • The Knicks (and others) are out here praying for the Bulls’ downfall:
  • Hey, now! Seth Jones is a Blackhawks all-star:

Author: Luis Medina

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