The Perks of Being Bad, Don't Be Fooled by Carter's Stats, Lazard a Fit? And Other Bears Bullets

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The Perks of Being Bad, Don’t Be Fooled by Carter’s Stats, Lazard a Fit? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Wintertime and I don’t vibe. At all. The days are short. And cold. Sunshine-filled hours are few and far between. Nights are long. And dark. There is an eerie peacefulness that is attached to winter nights, sure … but it doesn’t mesh with me one bit. That the alternative programming against what turned out to be a blowout in Monday’s College Football Playoff championship game really drove home another reason I don’t necessarily connect with winter. Bleh. I could’ve used something else last night.

  • There is no way I’m the only one out there who wants to press the “SIM PLAYOFFS” button and get us to March already. Think Bears GM Ryan Poles is thinking that way?
  • “This is where the fun begins.” -Anakin Skywalker” -Ryan Poles
  • Five groan-worthy moments that ultimately helped the Bears land the No. 1 overall pick. Frankly, I can’t believe the list was limited to just five. (CHGO)
  • ICYMI: Jalen Carter, the Georgia defensive tackle who is a candidate to go first overall in the upcoming NFL Draft, declared for it last night. We discussed the potential ramifications of that decision here.
  • Dude had a moment last night:
  • The traditional stats (16 solo tackles, 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles) don’t tend to do him much justice. But Carter has game-wrecking potential. Call it a hunch, but I think we’ll be looking into him as a potential No. 1 pick option a bunch between now and the 107 days that will pass until the Bears are scheduled to go on the clock.
  • Being bad has its perks:
  • Don’t get it twisted. I’m not celebrating the Bears being bad. There are no parties to be thrown for futility. No parades for putrid play. But I’m not going to act like there aren’t silver linings in this dark cloud. Hopefully, this front office can leverage them in all the right ways.
  • Looking forward to hitting the sim button through the offseason? I can’t say I blame you. But before you do, it might be good to know your opponents. This graphic is a fun way to look at the schedule that awaits the Bears (and the NFL’s other 31 teams) in 2023:
  • OK, I’ll admit there is a lot going on in that graphic. But it is cool to see something laid out in such a unique manner,. Bonus points for creativity.
  • Don’t want to play the match game? Fine. I’ll play nice. The Bears’ non-division opponents in home games for this upcoming year are the Broncos, Falcons, Panthers, Raiders, and Cardinals. Three of those teams (Falcons, Panthers, Raiders) will have new QB1s behind center. We could add the Cardinals to that list, but only if they play the Bears early enough in the calendar and Kyler Murray isn’t back from injury. Also worth noting is that the Broncos, Panthers, and Cardinals will have new head coaches. There is plenty of intrigue with that collection of opponents.
  • Want to watch the Bears on the road? Well, there is no shortage of intriguing road trips on the horizon. Chicago’s roadshow (non-divisional version) includes trips to Kansas City (Chiefs), Los Angeles, (Chargers), Washington D.C. (Commanders), New Orleans (Saints), Cleveland (Browns), and Tampa (Bucs). Ugh. K.C. has been on my wish list for a while. My love for California and desire to see SoFi Stadium (for Arlington Project comparison purposes) could be satisfied with a trip out west. I haven’t been to D.C. since my eighth-grade trip. And New Orleans has been circled as a destination since I realized the schedule rotation would take the Bears through the NFC South. Sounds like I better start budgeting now.
  • This is what I imagine the Bears offensive drive charts will look like when they get Justin Fields capable blockers and receivers:
  • A very cool tidbit about the upcoming NFL playoff games is that they’re all rematches:
  • The league continues to brand this as Super Wild Card Weekend. Here is hoping it lives up to the billing. At a minimum, please be a wee bit more competitive than last night’s college football game.
  • People were really into this last night:
  • Bears should get?
  • Allen Lazard would represent an upgrade from Equanimeous St. Brown. In fact, I’d go as far as to suggest Lazard would be a nice WR3 target for this Bears team. He has a big body (6-5, 227), knows the system (spent time with OC Luke Getsy while with GB), and is coming off a career-best year (60 catches, 788 yards, 6 TDs). I know it isn’t the sexiest name, but it is one we should keep tabs on should he reach free agency.
  • Not that we needed re-assurance, but…
  • I suppose the Bears could’ve played coy, but what’s the point? Why let your franchise QB’s status linger overhead if you don’t have to do so? Maybe it’s just me, but I saw Poles’ comments on Field as being the equivalent of him standing on the roof of Halas Hall and screaming “We’re open for business!” and waving the No. 1 pick over his head.
  • Patrick Kane’s hip injury could be something that impacts his trade value. Gulp.
  • Ah, son of a gun. Bulls star and owner of all your favorite fourth-quarter heroics DeMar DeRozan went down with a quad injury during the team’s loss at the Celtics last night. He didn’t return. And his health status remains up in the air at this time.
  • This continues to be such a wildly fascinating story:

Author: Luis Medina

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