Let Soldier Field Host the AFC Title Game, Hopkins' Fit, Who Won the Roquan Trade? And Other Bears Bullets

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Let Soldier Field Host the AFC Title Game, Hopkins’ Fit, Who Won the Roquan Trade? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Finding time and motivation for a 20-30 minute walk every day shouldn’t be this hard. But it is something that I’d like to do after yesterday’s walk felt good for the soul. Might as well get out there before winter decides to rear its ugly, unforgiving head again.

  • Let the record reflect that I would whole-heartedly endorse Soldier Field hosting the AFC Championship Game:
  • My logical-thinking brain would want a potential Patrick Mahomes-Josh Allen shootout to take place in a neutral dome so there aren’t weather-related excuses as to why the game went one way or another. But my football-thinking brain believes the game was built to be played in the elements. And because both teams play in open-air stadiums where climate and weather can play a factor, perhaps these teams might prefer to play in the great outdoors. With that in mind, I’d love for it to be Soldier Field. Doesn’t this place deserve high-quality football after what we’ve had to watch the last two seasons?
  • Sidebar: You’ve got to think that the Arlington Heights project would be in the mix if it was already done.
  • Hopefully, Soldier Field (and whatever comes of the Arlington Heights stadium proposal to be named later) will host a bunch of NFC title games in the near future.
  • Any interest in a DeAndre Hopkins trade for the Bears? The Cardinals are reportedly planning to trade the All-Pro receiver this offseason, which makes sense. Arizona is embarking on what looks like will be an odd bridge year. General manager and head coaching searches are already underway. Quarterback Kyler Murray projects to miss a chunk of the start of next season. Star defender J.J. Watt is retiring. If there was ever a time for a mini reset in Arizona, it is now. Hence, the Hopkins trade rumors are percolating.
  • As for the cost of doing business?
  • Ha! The Cardinals are about to learn a hard lesson in the fine line between what you ask for, what you expect to get back, and what you actually receive in return. Now, I suppose the receiver market could be bonkers again. And in that case, all bets are off. But a receiver with recent injury issues (hamstring and an MCL in 2021) who got popped and suspended for PEDs (in 2022) who is also looking for a new deal (one that probably ranks at the top of the market) might not fetch the type of return you might otherwise expect when dealing someone who has Hopkins’ résumé.
  • I’ll add this before moving on: There isn’t a team better positioned to use a Day 2 pick and give Hopkins a front-loaded, short-term, high AAV deal than the Bears. It’s the type of dice roll you’d want this team to make this offseason in an attempt to land a legitimate WR1 type of receiver. Is Hopkins perfect? Hardly. But does he represent a significant upgrade from what we were looking at in Week 18? Absolutely.
  • Rounding up what I thought were the most notable things Bears GM Ryan Poles said during his season-ending press conference:
  • A mind-blowing tweet:
  • A record-setting five teams that hired new head coaches in 2022 made the NFL playoffs, per the AP’s reporting. The Bears weren’t one of those teams, but it is easy to like the direction in which things are heading.
  • What a pull by the NFL’s research wing:
  • I still maintain everyone got what they were wanting from the Roquan Smith trade. The Bears cleared cap space, added draft capital, and put their tank job into overdrive with the Roquan deal. Meanwhile, the Ravens were taking on a stud linebacker who helped transform their defense and lead them into the postseason. And, in the end, Roquan got his bag. There are no losers here.
  • My Air Jordans stash is child’s play compared to DeMar DeRozan’s collection of Kobes:
  • If anyone needs me, I’ll be browsing through the GOAT app and doing some retail therapy.
  • Be thankful Dansby Swanson signed before the Red Sox found this out:

Author: Luis Medina

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