Changing of the Guard at Halas Hall, Senior Bowl Memories, Kmet's Steps, Getsy's Gang, and Other Bears Bullets

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Changing of the Guard at Halas Hall, Senior Bowl Memories, Kmet’s Steps, Getsy’s Gang, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Don’t ask why I have “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey stuck in my head this morning. Just know that it sounds good. Frankly, it’s all you need to know.

  • It had been nearly four years since my last appearance on NBC Sports Chicago. And while I miss doing “Outside The Ivy” with Danny Rockett and Michael Cerami, it was cool to chop it up and talk Bears with NBC Sports Chicago beat writer Josh Schrock, the do-it-all football guy Anthony Herron, and my former Tribune colleague David Haugh:
  • That BN Bears-NBCS Bears tag team remains undefeated. We’ve gotta cook up some more collabs in the near future.
  • Did new Bears President/CEO Kevin Warren win the press conference? Yes. And emphatically so, I might add. To be clear, winning the press conference doesn’t ensure success. Warren was clear, concise, and polished. It was as if he was built for that moment. But we shouldn’t overlook that aspect just because it is something that we should’ve been expecting in the first place. Bears fans have been around long enough to know what it looks like when coaches and executives lose press conferences. It is ugly. Sometimes embarrassing. The Bears didn’t come out of yesterday looking like a lost puppy as they have in the past. Instead, it looks like the Bears have an adult in charge. Change starts at the top. And it is refreshing to look up and see what looks to be the makings of a stable power structure.
  • The Trib’s Dan Wiederer reminds us that this was a long-time coming:
  • It’s almost as if the Bears knew they needed change. And I’m glad they they’re putting their best foot forward in trying to make it happen. Progress can be a slow process.
  • I’ll be chiming in with notable quotables, thoughts, feelings, and more from the Warren press conference later today. In the meantime, there is a bunch of good reading on yesterday’s happenings at Halas Hall. Kevin Kaduk (CHGO), Dan Wiederer and Colleen Kane (Tribune), Jon Greenberg (The Athletic), Gabby Hajduk (ChicagoBears), and Laurence Holmes (Sun-Times) share unique perspectives.
  • Good to have the clarity of knowing that GM Ryan Poles retains the identity of the top football decision-maker as Warren arrives as the chief executive on the job. For the first time in my lifetime, the Bears have a clear chain of command that doesn’t leave me scratching my head. George McCaskey is the chairman. Kevin Warren is the president, who answers to McCaskey. Ryan Poles is the general manager, and he answers to Warren. This feels like this is the most stable the Bears have been in quite some time. Here’s hoping it is the foundation for something special.
  • Josh Schrock (NBCS Chicago) explores how the relationship between Warren and Poles will shape the football future. One of my main takeaways from the Warren hire is that Poles will have someone with extensive football experience to bounce ideas off of if necessary. With all due respect to outgoing president Ted Phillips, he was a business guy whose football acumen just wasn’t there for Bears front office execs to pick at. This isn’t to put blame on Phillips. Remember, he wasn’t hiring general mangers or coaches. And he sure as heck wasn’t making draft picks. But isn’t it nice knowing that Poles could throw some ideas off a president who has football in his background. Not that Warren will be making decisions on Poles’ behalf. But sometimes, it’s just nice to have someone willing to listen to you and provide words that could have some meaning.
  • I’m looking forward to checking in on the many other interviews Warren did beyond his presser with the assembled media at Halas Hall:
  • Cam Ellis (670 The Score) power ranks the takeaways from Warren’s presser in a way that only Cam can.
  • Some notable Senior Bowl players the Bears could’ve drafted but didn’t (for one reason or another): WR Cooper Kupp, CB Te’Davious White, TE Evan Engram, K Jake Elliott, DB Desmond King, WR Zay Jones.
  • A notable Senior Bowl player who (eventually) ended up on the Bears: Nathan Peterman, Julién Davenport, Jordan Morgan.
  • Getsy is going to have some friends join him at the Senior Bowl:
  • So … who’s controlling the aux on the road trip from Halas Hall? Asking for a friend.
  • You know I can’t front. Cole Kmet’s in-season growth was impressive as heck:
  • Kmet is one of a handful of Bears from their 2020 NFL Draft class who is eligible to sign an extension. And considering how much the team needs to spend in order to reach the cap floor, extending Kmet should be a priority.
  • I see we’re not the only ones hoerny for extensions around here:
  • Jaquan Brisker got robbed:
  • Winning is fun, I guess:
  • OPE!

Author: Luis Medina

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