A 2007 Bears Flashback, Let's Learn from the Jags, Zay Getting His Flowers, Anderson vs. Carter, and Other Bears Bullets

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A 2007 Bears Flashback, Let’s Learn from the Jags, Zay Getting His Flowers, Anderson vs. Carter, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Building a television shelf isn’t how I was planning on spending my Friday night. But I’ll admit that keeping my hands and mind busy was therapeutic in a way. And now, I can fully enjoy a day of sports on TV.

  • It’s not every day I start Bears Bullets with a Cubs nugget, but something Michael Cerami wrote at BN’s Cubs wing sparked a thought in my head. The Cubs have been productive this offseason. I’d even go as far as to say this team looks better (on paper) now than it did when the season came to an end. But there were some missed opportunities to elevate this team’s floor. Michael explains:
  • In this vein, there is probably a discussion to be had here about how the Bears should go about approaching free agency. Because I’d to avoid seeing a scenario where we’re stuck between the Bears being marginally better instead of remarkably better because of the perceived cost. Chicago’s football team should be better next year. Armed with the ammo of the first overall pick and mounds of space under the cap, it should be a given. But there are no givens. Even still … the Bears need an active and production offseason. And while one that mimics the Cubs’ offseason would be nice, it’s OK to aspire for better things.
  • Writing that Bullet above got me thinking about a tweet I had in my bookmarks from new Bears President Kevin Warren’s press conference:
  • Here’s hoping Warren’s big thinking rubs off on those around him and has the type of trickle-down effect that ultimately creates a culture where winning is the norm. Winning needs to be the standard in Chicago. It needs to be the expectation. Leading the tank brigade was fun this year. However, I don’t want to make it a regular thing in these parts. A tank year should be the exception, not the rule. Full stop.
  • As for teams that aren’t tanking:
  • I can’t wait until we’re writing playoff previews for the Bears again. For now, we’ll have to settle for flashbacks to brighter days:
  • Sigh. I want to feel the feelings I felt after this game again. Preferably soon.
  • We (as a collective football community) spend so much time talking about how winning the offseason doesn’t necessarily correlate to winning in the regular season that sometimes we (as a collective football community) dismiss it as a realistic possibility. For me, that is something I plan on working on in terms of as a reader, writer, analyst, and general football conversationalist. Even as I consider myself as someone with an open mind, I can always be more open.
  • With that being said, I found this to be a fascinating read from NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport:
  • These Bears are in a similar position to where the Jaguars were at this time last offseason. They’ll need an offseason plan that is equal parts progressive, aggressive, and selective in order to pull it off. And I’m curious to see what that could even look like. I have some ideas, but I’ll save them for a time that isn’t a set of Saturday Bullets I’m trying to get off before lunch.
  • On the one hand, we’ve been discussing the Bears’ need to upgrade the offense at length for years. But on the other hand, holy cow this defense needs work:
  • Indeed, there is so much work to be done in all facets of the game. Thankfully, this front office has plenty of resources to work with this spring.
  • With that being said, I’ll be following Zay Flowers’ draft stock with great interest:
  • Flowers is a three-time All-ACC performer, earning first-team all-conference honors in 2020 and 2022. The Boston College product closed his career setting career bests in catches (78), receiving yards (1,077), and touchdowns (12). Even though he was an intriguing prospect who was eligible to declare for last year’s NFL Draft, Flowers wouldn’t have been a top-5 receiver had he come out in 2022. But his return to school paid off. Flowers is arguably a top-5 receiver prospect. And he is someone who should be on the Bears’ radar.
  • Speaking of the NFL Draft, there is still time to vote in this poll:
  • Although I can’t see the Bears standing pat and using the No. 1 overall pick on a player, they have options. But if they had no choice but to do so, Jalen Carter deserves serious recognition. The Georgia defensive tackle fits the profile of the game-wrecking 3-technique this defense needs to thrive. Evidently, there is one mock draft that foresees this happening. It’s early, but still notable.
  • Alabama defensive end Will Anderson has game-changing pass-rush potential off the edge. Anderson is also worthy of consideration for the top pick.
  • If anyone needs me, I’ll be dreaming up scenarios where the Bears get both.
  • Can someone forward this tweet over to Jim Irsay and tell him that he needs to empty the bag of goodies at Ryan Poles’ doorstep to ensure he gets Will Levis:
  • If this isn’t just a trial ballon, we riot:
  • This is legitimately one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever seen connected to the NFL.
  • No, I can’t envision Jonathan Toews playing in something other than a Blackhawks sweater. However, I believe parting ways could help accelerate the organizational rebuild:
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame Shannon Sharpe being part of a curtsied incident involving the Memphis Grizzlies should be less surprising than it is:
  • Think about it. Sharpe is a Hall of Fame caliber smack talker. And he won’t back down from anyone. You’ve seen how he goes after his teammate/co-worker Skip Bayless, right? And the Grizzlies are one of the swaggiest and most passionate teams going in today’s NBA. That team is the human embodiment of Black Air Force One Energy™️. So to see Sharpe and the Grizz square off is like seeing two big dogs barking it up after crossing each other’s paths on a walk. I’m not surprised, but I’m still intrigued to see it happen in front of my face.

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