Those Aaron-Rodgers-to-the-Jets Rumors Are Just Getting Started

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Those Aaron-Rodgers-to-the-Jets Rumors Are Just Getting Started

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Here we go again. Another offseason with Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers as the main character. It’s like watching a one-note actor do the same bit over and over again. At some point, it gets old. And I think I can speak for all Chicago Bears fans when I say I’m tired of watching the Packers QB ruffle feather and, frankly, get the best of this team. With that said, perhaps Aaron Rodgers won’t be with the Packers for too much longer. At least, that’s our hope. And given the latest Jets rumors, there may be something to it. Follow me.

For the second consecutive offseason, an NFL team is hiring Nathaniel Hackett in hopes of possibly luring Rodgers in a trade. After seeing the Denver Broncos fail to do so last year, it’s the New York Jets trying their hand at it.

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Hackett was in Green Bay in 2021 when Rodgers won the MVP. At the time, many thought that season would be Rodgers’ swan song. Instead, he signed a lucrative extension to stay with the Packers. A year later, we’re re-visiting a trade possibility. And mostly because of this hire. Go figure.

Sure, Hackett’s job will have him trying to fix a no-good offense in New York. It could also entail some work toward getting the most out of Zach Wilson, the Jets QB who floundered throughout the 2022 season. But I can’t shake the idea that Hackett is joining the Jets – in large part – to help grease the skids for the arrival of Rodgers. Every bit helps in what could be an epic trade. And, hey, it wouldn’t be the first time the Jets and Packers cut a deal for an aging future Hall of Fame quarterback. History has a weird way of repeating itself.

It’s probably too soon to try to hash out what a potential trade looks like between the two sides. But there was some chatter (via Peter King) about the Jets being happy to ship a pair of first-rounders to Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers. King has since clarified those comments:

Sigh. It is going to be déjà vu all over again, isn’t it? Here’s hoping the sequel is more entertaining than the original.

In any case, we’ll continue monitoring Rodgers trade rumors if they actually come around. Part of me can’t wait to celebrate Rodgers’ departure from the NFC North. But there is another part of me that wants to see Justin Fields beat Rodgers before he skips town. Maybe he’ll get that opportunity anyway. But it would be much sweeter if Fields could take down Rodgers while he is with the Packers. Time will tell if he’ll get that opportunity. Stay tuned.

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