What's Next For Monty? Do it Like the Niners, Hunting For WRs, Happy Super Bowl XX Anniversary! And Other Bears Bullets

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What’s Next For Monty? Do it Like the Niners, Hunting For WRs, Happy Super Bowl XX Anniversary! And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Woke up to the news that John Mayer is going on tour again. It took until 2017 for me to see Mayer for the first time because so many different obligations got in the way and kept me from seeing him. And I have seen him in Chicago in each of his stops since then. I now have 64 days to mentally prepare myself to play “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me” — a song he closed the 2017 show with just one month after my mom passed. That’ll be a nice, full circle moment for me if it actually comes to fruition.

  • The 26th of every month will always hold a special place in my heart. And that didn’t really hit me until I realized that January 26 marks a special anniversary for Chicago Bears fans:
  • Super Bowl XX. Bears. Patriots. 46-10. Fridge. That D. Those Pats jerseys. The wonderful Dick Enberg was on the call. A legendary performance from an iconic team. Often imitated, but never duplicated. It bugs me that I wasn’t born to see this. My late girlfriend used to needle me about how she was already 7 months old when the Super Bowl happened and was technically alive for all of the glory that was the Bears’ championship run (meanwhile, I was 5 months from being born). It sure would be nice if the Bears could give a new generation a Super Bowl run of its own to enjoy.
  • The next Bears Super Bowl winner will look different than its last because of the game’s evolution. Those Bears rode an all-time great defense, stellar running game, and adequate-enough passing attack en route to championship glory. Having an all-time great defense still plays in modern football, but the running back position is devalued and a high-functioning passing game is necessary. With that being said, we shouldn’t ignore the importance of the ground game. Which is why I’m curious to see what the Bears do at running back this offseason. David Montgomery is a free-agent-to-be and it sounds like he is seeking a much larger contract than the Bears are willing to offer.
  • The initial reaction to this from some will be “OK, cool, let Khalil Herbert cook.” And I totally get it. I feel as if it got lost in the madness of watching quarterback Justin Fields run circles around opponents that Herbert’s 5.7 yards per carry average was the fifth best in the league — and best the most among all running backs. The only players with a higher yards/carry average than Herbert in 2022: Fields (7.1), Lamar Jackson (6.8), Josh Allen (6.1), and Daniel Jones (5.9). That’s it. In other words, Herbert was at the top of the charts that featured a bunch of high-end backs. So, yes, it is easy to make a case for Herbert getting more of a workload in 2023.
  • I maintain that the 49ers’ offensive model is worth following. Surround a young quarterback with multiple quality pass-catching options and dynamic running backs behind him. From where I stand, I can see Herbert playing the role of Elijah Mitchell. But this Bears offense doesn’t have a Christian McCaffrey type of back. Can they find one this offseason? Sure. May I make a suggestion:
  • If so, then I’ll really like the direction this offense can go in when the dust settles after free agency and the draft. But we’ve got some time before we get to that bridge (let alone cross it).
  • Before we go any further, I’d be out of pocket if I didn’t ask if Herbert could be that McCaffrey type. I do my best not to put ceilings on players. Moreover, I like to give players a long leash so they can prove themselves. My general stance is to let players shoot for the moon. Suspending reality is good and fun every once in a while. But Herbert needs to be a better blocker and receiver out of the backfield if he wants to garner true RB1 status. Otherwise, the Bears’ best course of action is to pair Herbert with another quality back (ideally, one who is proven) to create a 1-2 punch that other teams would be envious of (not to mention befuddled by when attempting to game plan to stop).
  • Let’s get freaky at wide receiver:
  • Well, this is particularly awkward when you consider the Bears as a team that needs help at receiver *AND* offensive line:
  • Could the Bears have eyes for an offensive line option? Northwestern’s Peter Skoronski checks some boxes. And he sounds open to being drafted by the Bears this spring:

In fairness, what prospect wouldn’t be down to ride for these Bears? You’d be joining a team that will have just invested in rebuilding by flexing its cap muscle and probably has a starting spot open for you. Who isn’t jumping at that opportunity?

I’m not buying it, but I’m going to share it anyway:

  • Part of the reason I’m not buying it is that I remember folks discussing fellow Ohio State product Chris Olive in a similar manner last year. Maybe this is me wearing a tinfoil cap, but it feels as if the pre-draft subterfuge is starting earlier than ever. If Jaxon Smith-Njigba falls to the Bears, I’d be ecstatic. But I’m not expecting it.
  • Also: The term WR3 isn’t as disparaging as some might think. Especially not in an era where good teams have three quality starting receivers. So I’m not sure why that commentary was lumped into this tweet.
  • I’d love it if Jim Irsay goes full rogue and he ultimately risks it all in a trade-up with the Bears. And if Irsay gets to call the shots on a head coach hire, then I wouldn’t put it past him to force a trade to the top of the draft board by any means necessary:
  • Hockey insiders discuss the best trade chips the Blackhawks have for potential Stanley Cup contenders. (BN Blackhawks)
  • Having prospect depth is good:
  • Folks are out here just trying to give Zach LaVine to the Lakers with the Bulls getting a box of Randy’s Donuts in return. C’mon, now:

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