The Hurts Effect, Shrine Bowl Prospects, Business Will Boom For Backs, and Other Bears Bullets

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Could Jalen Hurts and the Eagles be in trouble against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl?

The Hurts Effect, Shrine Bowl Prospects, Business Will Boom For Backs, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

In an attempt to clear my head some, I’m taking a train trip out of town this morning. In fact, I’m probably on the train as you’re reading this sentence. Weird, eh?

  • Exhibit A as to why the Bears shouldn’t be entertaining trade offers for quarterback Justin Fields:
  • Is it closed-minded to not even consider trade offers? Maybe. But it sure doesn’t look like the Eagles have any regrets about standing firm in their support of Jalen Hurts.
  • I’ll be looking forward to seeing any early statistical projections some of our favorite football nerds spit out this offseason. But I’ll wait until after the Bears make some moves to bolster the squad around him. Keeping my fingers crossed on that front.
  • PFF and NFL Media round up some of the top prospects who will be suiting up this week. In the past, the Shrine Bowl has helped raise the profile of players such as Jimmy Garoppolo, Za’Darius Smith, and Trey Hendrickson. You just never know who’ll emerge when given an opportunity.
  • Dick Butkus is in the East-West Shrine Bowl Hall of Fame. Just sayin’…
  • Something to look forward to during next week’s Senior Bowl:
  • If you really want to look ahead on the calendar, then I’ll invite you to dream on the 2024 NFL Draft — when Marvin Harrison Jr. is draft eligible:
  • Do I feel a little older having typed that last sentence? Sure. Am I intrigued by the idea of the Bears finding their way to somehow drafting Harrison next year? Absolutely! In fact, it is a main reason I’d insist on a 2024 first-round pick coming back to the Bears in a trade out of the No. 1 spot. The potential option to package a pair of first-rounders NEXT YEAR so the Bears can draft Harrison is alluring as heck.
  • Are there some future Bears in that upper-right quadrant where the league’s best backs are?
  • Seeing Khalil Herbert’s placement on the list. But it also has my attention seeing free-agents-to-be Miles Sanders (Eagles), Josh Jacobs (Raiders), and Tony Pollard (Cowboys) in places you want to see your backs. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Bears pair Herbert with another back to fully maximize the potential offensive output on the ground.
  • If anyone needs me, I’ll be playing this on loop until my train reaches its destination:
  • Because it has been a long time, it is easy to forget that Steve Wilks was a Bears assistant on the team that made an appearance in Super Bowl XLI. Charles “Peanut” Tillman hasn’t forgotten though:
  • Hey, if Peanut and Wilks want to join a staff that is looking for help, then maybe the Bears can give ’em a call.
  • Then again, Wilks deserves a head coaching job. To take that Panthers team to the cusp of a playoff spot as an interim should’ve led to him getting that full-time job. With all due respect to Frank Reich, Wilks coached his way into a job that should’ve been offered to him.
  • Conference title game previews from our friends at BN NFL:
  • Do you think Shohei Ohtani has WR1 potential?
  • Enough is ENOUGH! And it’s time for a change:

Author: Luis Medina

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