Vick's Vote of Confidence, How to Build an O-Line, Old Friends at the Super Bowl, and Other Bears Bullets

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Vick’s Vote of Confidence, How to Build an O-Line, Old Friends at the Super Bowl, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Valentine’s Day is a week from today. So while I don’t have any use for my own advice, I wanted to share some really easy things you can do to make your day with your partner great.

Don’t say I never did anything for you:

Sometimes, we get way into our own heads when it comes to this stuff. Instead, simplify. It’s the way to go. You can thank me later with a pat on the back or something.

  • Between the schemed runs and elite improvisational skills, Justin Fields was a game-changer once the Bears let him loose. Even though Fields’ main gains came on the ground, his Year 2 improvements have us dreaming about him doing big things as a third-year player. And we’re not the only ones who are sold. Chris Emma (Marquee) caught up with QB-turned-FOX analyst Mike Vick, who finds himself being all-in on building around Fields:

“I think he’s a great player,” said Vick, who is now an analyst with FOX Sports. “I think Justin has a lot of room to grow. As a quarterback and in general, but growing in the passing game. Another year in the system, some weapons around you. 

“You should be looking to build around him now.” 

  • I’ve never heard anyone describe a Bears quarterback as a “great player” so I want to let this sit and marinate for a minute.
  • OK, the minute is up. Onward.
  • But Vick is right. Fields still has room to grow. And no one in their right mind will tell you that Fields is a finished product. But in order to continue his growth, the time to build around him is now. I can’t stress this enough: Now is the time to build around Fields. Start up front with the offensive line, a position group the Bears plan on being active in during free agency. That was to be expected, but it is still nice to hear. Though, I wouldn’t mind if they double-dipped by addressing offensive line needs in free agency *AND* the draft. It would be neat if the Bears leveraged their Senior Bowl access to land a monster in the trenches:
  • To me, a successful Bears offseason would include at least two new starters along the offensive line and a third new addition who can grow into a starting role during their rookie season or as a second-year player. How the Bears go about acquiring these players will be fun to follow. And that’s why we’re here, right? We’ll do it together.
  • Boosting the wide receivers’ room should be Chicago’s other priority. There might not be a perfect solution, but Chargers wideout Keenan Allen (if he hits the market) interests me. L.A.’s *OTHER* football team is in a bit of a cap crunch, which could make Allen a cap casualty. In light of this, I feel as if this is a situation the Bears should be monitoring. You know, just like the Chargers had eyes for Khalil Mack right before Chicago kick-started its cap-clearing extravaganza.
  • Don’t get me wrong. I realize there are some caution flags regarding Allen’s injury history. But I’m not all that worried:
  • Sure, the recent injury issues are bothersome. Although they don’t have to be. Allen otherwise has a lengthy track record of being healthy, available, and productive. I chuckle to myself thinking about the similarities between Allen (this year) and Mack (last year). Good players who had an injury-shortened year before their team had to make a tough decision about their future.
  • Maybe Bears GM Ryan Poles and his Chargers counterpart Tom Telesco having a history could help Chicago’s quest to get WR help. Could another Amari Cooper type of deal be struck? The Bears missed the boat last year on a team trading a stud receiver due to a cap crunch. It would be annoying to see that happen again.
  • I hope Ian Cunningham took copious notes on how to build an offensive line while he was with the Eagles:
  • Some old friends were spotted at the Super Bowl:
  • Speaking of old friends, I can’t believe Jay Cutler stood up Kay Adams:
  • Also? What’s the deal with Cutty no-showing at Brandon Marshall’s wedding? Don’t get me wrong. Weddings aren’t for everyone. But it sounds like Marshall was expecting Cutler to be there. And if Cutler accepted the invite and RSVP’d to go, only to not show up, that’s whack. Free advice: Don’t do that to a friend. Especially if you’re going to be teammates again in a few years.
  • There is something rejuvenating about a trip to the beach that is good for the soul:
  • Zach got the highlight. Bulls got the win. And can move to .500 tonight with a road win at Memphis. Good luck:
  • He’s right:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.