Mike Vick Advises the Bears to Not Make the "Catastrophic" Mistake of Taking a QB in the Draft

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Mike Vick Advises the Bears to Not Make the “Catastrophic” Mistake of Taking a QB in the Draft

Chicago Bears

We’re operating under the assumption that Bears GM Ryan Poles is entering the 2023 NFL Draft being all-in on Justin Fields. You know, because it is something he is on record of saying at the outset of this offseason. With the being said, I’d like to turn our mindset from being about what Chicago should get in a trade back out of the No. 1 pick to how the Bears should go about using the potential draft capital they’ll net in a deal.

Let’s keep it real with each other. How the Bears build up from the rubble of a 3-win season that landed them the first overall pick will be the most important thing to come from this offseason. And it is an arc we’ll be monitoring with great interest.

Chris Emma (Marquee) caught up with QB-turned-FOX analyst Mike Vick, who finds himself being all-in on building around Fields. While doing so, Vick advises the Bears not to draft C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young, or any other quarterback prospect with that top overall pick:

“That would be a wasted draft pick,” Vick said. “That would be a waste of a draft pick to go get a quarterback. You got a quarterback. 

“In today’s game, all you want to do is win. To not look at bringing in one of the top receivers in the draft or going and getting one of the top offensive linemen in the draft would be a huge mistake. I’ll just say that. Keep it simple. It would be a huge mistake. Catastrophic.”

This is an interesting bit of perspective. Firstly, Vick knows a thing or two about being able to sling it and scramble. So I found myself interested in reading what he had to say. Particularly when it comes to the team-building aspect. And especially when it comes to finding an ace receiver. Secondly, let’s recall the top pass-catchers Vick was throwing to in Atlanta were Alge Crumpler, Brian Finneran, and Peerless Price. Decent players in their own right, but not a legit WR1 option in the group. So when Vick offers up the Bears’ need to bring in a top receiver, I’m listening. Same with the offensive line discussion.

For the Bears to succeed, they need Fields to be great. And for Fields to be great, the Bears need to outfit the offense with playmaking receivers and offensive linemen who can sustain their blocks. All of these pieces work off of each other. And we shouldn’t overlook the importance of supporting a franchise quarterback with ample weapons. Tom Brady needed ’em in New England and Tampa Bay. Super Bowl QBs Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes need ’em in Philly and K.C., respectively. To think that Fields doesn’t need these pieces to work is ignorant of reality.

The Bears are well-positioned to do what the Falcons never did for Vick and find a legitimate WR1. If not this offseason, next. In the end, Vick is right to underscore the importance of bolstering the line and upgrading the receivers. Here’s hoping Poles and the rest of the front office heed Vick’s advice. After all, he is speaking from a place of experience.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.