Let Hester In! Watch Goodell Squirm, Gronk Loves Fields, Mock Draft Madness, and Other Bears Bullets

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Let Hester In! Watch Goodell Squirm, Gronk Loves Fields, Mock Draft Madness, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Today is a good day to let The Greatest Return Man in the History of the World into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  • The NFL Honors show banquet is TONIGHT. And in addition to all sorts of awards being handed out to players around the league, Pro Football Hall of Fame announcements are coming out tonight. Let the discussion commence:
  • Legendary Bears return ace Devin Hester is among the finalists. But will he get in on his second try? He should. After all, I’d argue he should already be in. But there is something that would be so fitting about No. 23 going into the Hall’s Class of ’23. But maybe that’s just me being a guy who loves it when things have happy endings. Or maybe it is me speaking from the perspective of someone who was a huuuuuge Hester fan growing up. Or perhaps I’m coming from a place where I’m thinking about the times when The Girlfriend (R.I.P.) and I would spend blocks of time watching Hester’s highlight clips. You haven’t lived until you have binge-watched Hester’s return highlights on a date night.
  • My fear is that another loaded class pushes Hester down the pecking order. If that is how the cookie crumbles, then I’ll be miffed. Again. But Hester’s time is coming. A Hall of Fame executive told him as much. So I’m not all too worried about Hester’s place in Canton. There is a spot reserved for him. Whether it comes today, next year, or the year after that … it is coming. Here’s hoping the wait isn’t too long.
  • Hearing former star NFL players gush about the Chicago Bears quarterback doesn’t get old. So here is Rob Gronkowski saying nice things about Justin Fields to make your day:
  • Hey now! If Gronk wants to come out of retirement and lend a helping hand in Fields’ development, then I can link him up with a team that could use another tight end.
  • I can’t believe PFF gave me an “A” grade for this one:
  • For the record: That was my first use of PFF’s mock draft simulator this offseason. It is a fun tool to play with if you get some free time. Not only does it put all sorts of different players on your radar, but the simulator also keeps you on your toes. There are times when some of these mock drafts get taken way too seriously considering what they are (and what they’re supposed to be). It is OK to let loose and have fun with these things. Mock draft SZN doesn’t always have to be serious business.
  • Heads up! The 2023 NFL Draft is 77 days away.
  • A front-runner for Understatement of the Year comes from Jim McMahon, who tells the Sun-Times’ Patrick Finley: There’s ‘a lot of frustrated fans’ after the Bears’ 3-win season that netted them that top pick in the NFL Draft. Granted, there has been frustration among Chicago football fans since the start of the 2019 season when the team laid an egg in the opener against the Packers on national TV. Heck, frustration within the fandom has carried on for generations. Or, at a minimum, since the Bears’ decline began in the post-Super Bowl XX era.
  • Remember how antsy and restless you got during the Bears’ GM and head coach hiring process last year? Well, the Cardinals don’t plan on hiring a head coach until after the Super Bowl. (PFT)
  • Roger Goodell has some nerve to say this about NFL officiating:
  • I just can’t with this guy. The Commish is basically Vince McMahon with alternate script concepts. I can’t take that comment from him seriously when we have so many different examples highlighting officiating failures. And that’s just in games we’re watching and covering. There were so many times this year when I’d watch the Bears at noon, another game in the 3 o’clock central window, and Sunday Night Football only to see a similar play in three different games called differently each time. It is maddening. How can you even say that with a straight face, Rog?
  • Gosh, I love watching him squirm while answering uncomfortable questions:
  • But on the other hand, I hate his non-answers to uncomfortable questions. Goodell is the single most powerful person in the game. He can implement all sorts of solutions into place. And should probably get to doing so if he wants to avoid future awkward situations.
  • Also: It is Super Bowl Week. You should already be following BN’s NFL coverage online, on Twitter, and over at Facebook. If you aren’t already doing so, today is a good day to change that.
  • There is probably an argument to be made for the NBA having the most compelling stories of Super Bowl week:
  • Sometimes, you have to remind yourself to cherish the moment while you’re living in it because nothing lasts forever:

Author: Luis Medina

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