A Super Bowl Sunday Edition of Bears Bullets

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A Super Bowl Sunday Edition of Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

One good thing about this Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl matchup is that I can re-purpose red and green Christmas M&Ms that I didn’t get around to using during the holiday season as brownie topping. All of a sudden, I have Super Bowl brownies instead of Christmas brownies. That is a win for me.

  • Super Bowl LVII is TODAY. And the Bleacher Nation family’s picks are IN:
  • OK, so they made me put in an actual prediction for the game. That really isn’t my bag, so I went a little off the board by picking a 24-21 Eagles win with running back Kenneth Gainwell winning the Super Bowl MVP.
  • Did you know that Gainwell has out-gained Miles Sanders 160-132 while getting a similar number of carries? Gainwell has 26 rushing attempts, while Sanders is at 28. Those are the kinds of numbers I’m looking into when I’m making an off-the-wall Super Bowl MVP futures bet. And at 125/1, I feel as if the juice could be worth the squeeze if these trends continue and Gainwell finds the end zone at least once in a low-scoring game where Philly leans on the ground game to keep Patrick Mahomes off the field. It might not be the most probable game script, but it is plausible.
  • It has been 5,852 days since the Chicago Bears made a Super Bowl appearance. Or 16 years if you don’t want to do the hard math. However you slice it, that is too long of a drought for my liking. Change it soon, Ryan Poles.
  • Everything you need to know about Super Bowl LVII lives here:
  • Are you looking for something to cook up at the last minute on Super Bowl Sunday? My friend Jim’s chili is a superb option. Plus, any leftovers will help bridge the gap at the start of your week. Win-win.
  • What a thread:
  • The Ex-Bear Factor will be out in full force today. Kansas City features former Bears coaches Matt Nagy (Head Coach 2018-21) and Dave Toub (Special Teams Coordinator 2004-12), and a former offensive lineman (Andy Heck, 1994-98) who coach Chiefs O-linemen. Former Bears players Michael Burton (fullback 2017-18), Deon Bush (safety 2016-21), and Ihmir Smith-Marsette (2022) are also on K.C.’s roster. On the other side of the field, the Eagles have Robert Quinn (pass rusher 2020-22), DE/OLB Coach Jeremiah Washburn (OL Coach, 2017). So, in a way, the Bears are in the Super Bowl. Kinda. Sorta. If you allow yourselves to stretch a little.
  • One more ex-Bears standout to be aware of is Greg Olsen, who is the lead analyst on FOX’s broadcast tonight.
  • If the Bears move to Arlington Heights, the hope is that the new facility will host the Super Bowl one day. There is a chunk of the fandom enamored with the idea. And while it is a fun thing to think about, seeing Super Bowl ticket prices serves as a reminder of how inaccessible that game will be to so many fans. This thread takes you through how Super Bowl business is boomin’:
  • Not everyone is all-in on a Bears stadium with a dome. “We’re an outside team,” Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher said, via the Sun-Times. “Our fans like it. The teams that come play us don’t like it.” Honestly, I’m not sure how many fans like it. Sure, there is a source of pride in braving the elements to watch football. But the last time I entertained going to a game was Christmas Eve day when temperatures were so cold, The Girlfriend (R.I.P.) nudged me to get United Club seats so we could stay warm when things got rough. It was heady thinking, even if we never got a chance to use those seats.
  • Please, please, please be good:
  • Gosh, I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl ending and the offseason beginning for all of the NFL’s 32 teams.
  • Speaking of the offseason, we’re not the only ones looking ahead to what might be a wild one:
  • As Bears fans can attest, defense wins championships. So I’m curious to see how Seiya Suzuki fares on that side of the ball in Year 2 in the major leagues:
  • You always remember your first (or so I’ve been told):

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