Bring on the Offseason! How One Ex-Bear Thrived in the Super Bowl, Turf Troubles, and Other Bears Bullets

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Bring on the Offseason! How One Ex-Bear Thrived in the Super Bowl, Turf Troubles, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The Super Bowl is over. But we’re not turning our eyes to MLB’s upcoming spring training. Although, if you’re ready for it, our friends at Bleacher Nation are here. If you’re just not ready for baseball, then BN Blackhawks has a trade deadline coming up that figures to keep GM Kyle Davidson busy. And even though the Bulls are incredibly maddening, Eli has us covered at BN’s basketball wing.

As for us, we’ve got a draft (in which the Bears have the No. 1 pick) and a free agency period (in which the Bears have more than $90 million in space under the cap) to cover this offseason. And I hope you’ll join us for the offseason journey.

  • And with that, the 2022-23 NFL season has come to an end:
  • This year, it’s the Chiefs. Next year? Who knows? That is the beauty of football. Early in the offseason, the buzz around the AFC West surrounded the Chargers (as an upstart with a dynamic young QB), Raiders (splashy franchise who made a big move to get Davante Adams), and Broncos (remember how earth-shattering the Russell Wilson trade was?). Meanwhile, the Chiefs were trading their best receiver to the Dolphins. In the end, Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid made us forget all about the offseason that was in the AFC West. It’s K.C.’s time to shine.
  • Are we counting this Chiefs Super Bowl victory as a Matt Nagy Revenge Game? After all, the last time Nagy saw the Eagles in a playoff game it ended in Bears heartbreak and a shell-shocked Nagy on the sideline who would go on to be meme’d into oblivion after that moment. Being on the other side of a game-ending field goal attempt must’ve been nice for him. Especially after that early-game Harrison Butker DOINK.
  • Nagy isn’t the only former Bear getting a ring after last night. Dave Toub (Bears Special Teams Coordinator from 2004-12) and Andy Heck (Bears OL from 1994-98) get a second ring in Kansas City. Meanwhile, former Bears safety Deon Bush’s decision to join the Chiefs as a free agent paid off in an immediate title. Good for him.
  • I can’t believe Ihmir Smith-Marsette, who was cut by the Bears in October, is ending this season by hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Remember that terribly awful four-day stretch in which he had an illegal block in the back penalty that negated a Justin Fields touchdown *AND* fumbled away a chance at a comeback against Minnesota, then had a crucial fourth-down drop against Washington. You really can’t predict football.
  • One former Bear we feel really good about is Greg Olsen:
  • Olsen is good at the analyst thing and it makes me wonder if FOX is regretting its Tom Brady investment.
  • We won’t know if Brady is any good until the 2024 season because he is taking a gap year. So this isn’t even a “wait ’til next year” situation. Perhaps there is a way to fit Brady into their broadcast plans. However, I fear breaking up a booth that is gaining chemistry could be problematic.
  • Shot:
  • Chaser:
  • A friend has a theory that the Super Bowl turf was over-watered to keep up its good-looking appearance, but ultimately led to slippage issues throughout the game. I think they might be onto something.
  • Hopefully, the Arlington Heights facility will have a better playing surface than what they were playing on last night.
  • Weird: The new Soldier Field turf that was installed this year is the same strain as what they were using at the Super Bowl. It also happens to be what the Chiefs use at Arrowhead Stadium. I mean, if it is good enough for the Super Bowl champs then it can be good enough for the Bears.
  • There will be ample discussion about spending in the free agent market. And I imagine that a collection of talented running backs will be polarizing:
  • This has got to be good news for the Bears:
  • Shane Steichen will *DEFINITELY* want his own quarterback. Someone young to build up into the next big thing. And I know exactly what team he can talk to if he wants to get at the best available prospect. The pick is yours if the price is right.
  • Speaking of the NFL Draft, the Bears are throwing a party:
  • Part of me wants to fast-forward into the offseason. But another part of me doesn’t want to miss a thing. So let’s just ride this out, shall we?
  • As we look ahead to the offseason, I feel as if we’ll become familiar with many of these names:
  • Two images giving off the same energy:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.