What the Bears Should Expect in a Trade for the First Pick

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ESPN’s Todd McShay Lays Out What the Bears Should Expect in a Trade for the First Pick

Chicago Bears

My favorite mock drafts are the ones that actually go through the effort to predict first-round trades. However, because the Bears haven’t had a first-round pick in a while, that type was usually more interesting than legitimately informative. But things are different this year. The Chicago Bears hold the No. 1 pick, and that means my favorite type of mock drafts are both informative and interesting! Huzzah!

And that 1-2 punch is exactly what ESPN’s Todd McShay delivered earlier today.

McShay recently dropped off his first post-Super Bowl mock draft. And in doing so, laid out what the Chicago Bears could realistically receive if they trade out of the first pick and cut a deal with the Indianapolis Colts. A mock trade prediction from McShay is one I’m taking relatively seriously, and how could I not? Especially with the latest example of Indy’s brass dropping major hints suggesting it wants to draft and develop a quarterback.

With that being said, here is how McShay envisions a Bears-Colts draft swap goes down:

The return could come down to just how desperate the QB-needy teams get and how much they fall in love with a specific passer. But I’d expect the Bears to receive something in the ballpark of the No. 4 pick, a second-rounder (No. 35), a fifth-rounder and maybe even an additional Round 1 selection in 2024.

Hmm … well, this sends some thoughts racing through my head. Firstly, McShay predicting the Bears getting a second first-round pick as part of the deal is bold. Not all of the recent mocks have been quite so kind. Coming from him, that gives me some confidence that it can happen. At a minimum, it reinforces my belief that GM Ryan Poles should insist that trading out from No. 1 comes at the cost of at least two first-rounders coming his way.

Additionally, getting Indy’s second-rounder would be an ideal touch. Getting the Bears as many bites at the apple known as the NFL Draft should be another of Poles’ priorities in creating the best trade for Chicago. However, there is one piece that I’m not all that sure about in terms of inclusion. McShay adding a fifth-rounder going to Chicago has my attention because I’m not sure what to make of it. Part of me sees it as a throw-in that Indy can send Chicago’s way. But part of me wonders if that sweetener can’t be a little sweeter. Maybe it is a Day 2 pick in 2024. Or a fourth-rounder in 2023.

Maybe this is me just getting greedy in wanting the most for the Bears. Or perhaps it is me being in a mindset of “you can’t get what you don’t ask for” and desiring to have just a little more. Whatever it is, I come away from McShay’s mock draft thinking I wouldn’t be all that upset with that projected return.

And, hey, the opportunity to take Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter at No. 4 sure helps matters. You’ve seen his clips, right?

In the end, I want to be cognizant of throwing too many mock drafts on our plates. The mock draft circuit churns out content on a daily basis. It can feel overwhelming to keep up with the seemingly never-ending waves of predictions and projections. But ones like what McShay gives us provide context and depth as we go along this journey. Only 71 days until mock drafts are in the past and the real one opens its doors. Which means the Bears (or a lucky team with whom they trade) go on the clock in 71 days. Are we there yet?

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.