Let the Bids Roll in, Alternative Pick Plans, Second-Year Risers, and Other Bears Bullets

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Let the Bids Roll in, Alternative Pick Plans, Second-Year Risers, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Yesterday was a bucket-filling day for yours truly. Seeing SIU basketball win and clinch the third seed (and a bye!) at Arch Madness while sitting court-side was a glorious experience. One that was amplified by seeing a bunch of old friends. It was good for the soul. As was the Italian sub and cookies from D’Amato’s bakery. Ending the week on a high note makes kick-starting things on Monday a wee-bit easier.

  • ICYMI: The Chicago Bears are reportedly “leaning toward” trading the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Who needs coffee when you’re fueled by the infinite possibilities of trade options Bears GM Ryan Poles could be sorting through right now?
  • No, I don’t expect a Bears trade to go down this week. However, I do expect some heavy lifting to get done on that end. After all, there is no better time than when everyone is gathering at the Scouting Combine in Indy to make it known that you’re open for business.
  • I’m looking forward to running down this audio at some point:
  • Silvy’s three bullet points here encapsulate so much of what we need to know about what is on the horizon. Again, I’m not expecting the Bears to cut a deal this week. But I suppose we should keep the option open if the team is making itself open to it. Also: How about the opportunity to trade down multiple times? There have been moments where that feels like a pipe dream. However, the team already getting multiple teams checking in about a trade suggests the possibility is more realistic than we might’ve otherwise been thinking prior to today.
  • Wow! Bears GM Ryan Poles should have a line around the block for teams wanting to talk shop with him. Poles is about to be the main character of this week’s Combine. The Bears are back, baby!
  • I am struggling to understand this line of thinking:
  • Maybe it’s just me, but I’m off the line of thinking that the Bears using the first pick on a quarterback would be a tremendous waste of a valuable asset. Perhaps if a team like the Rams (an heir apparent to Stafford), Ravens (a replacement for Lamar), or Niners (an upgrade from Lance/Purdy) were picking first, then you could easily justify drafting a QB first overall. But not a Bears team with numerous holes to fill throughout a roster that needs help. It just doesn’t vibe from a logical standpoint.
  • Don’t get me wrong. I understand that quarterback is the most valuable position in football. It is arguably the single-most important position in the entire sports galaxy. But only one of them can be on the field at a given time (unless you’re running some sort of ridiculous gadgetry for reasons unbeknownst to me). Drafting a quarterback first means you’re splitting reps and doubling up at one position that is so often dependent on getting help elsewhere — all while rejecting the premise of helping that player by filling needs at other positions.
  • And, guess what, if Fields isn’t The Dude, then there’s a good chance the Bears will be in a position to draft a quarterback next year. Building around a quarterback should be Chicago’s top priority.
  • By the time the draft rolls around, I want to see the Bears atop this list:
  • So much of the Bears’ draft value is in having that first overall pick. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to trade that selection. Imagine adding the bars correlating with the Texans and/or Colts second-round picks. And even tacking on more bars at the end with some other maneuvering. This is how you build through the draft. This is how the Bears win — both now and in the future.
  • No Bears make PFF’s list of top second-year breakout candidates, but there is no need to fret. I can easily make cases for cornerback Kyler Gordon (INTs in back-to-back weeks against Jalen Hurts and Josh Allen), safety Jaquan Brisker (a stat-stuffing machine), and left tackle Braxton Jones (already a top-20 offensive tackle by PFF’s own metrics). Heck, it doesn’t take much to make an argument for linebacker Jack Sanborn — especially if the Bears bolster their defensive line. The 2023 Bears have some interesting pieces that will have opportunities to take a big next step, so I’m not all too concerned when they’re not making a list drawn up in February.
  • I see our friends at BN Cubs are experiencing something we’re all too familiar with around these parts — impact future free agents not hitting the market:
  • Let this Manny Machado situation serve as a reminder to the Bears to sign good players when they’re available. Don’t overthink it. As a general manager, your plan should be to sign quality impact players now, then let your coaches make the most of the fits later.
  • Seriously, what’s the hold up here? Rip the band-aid off already, please.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.