You Can Stop Dreaming Up Tee Higgins Trade Scenarios

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You Can Stop Dreaming Up Tee Higgins Trade Scenarios

Chicago Bears

The good news is that the Bears know they need receiver help. Even their defensive-minded head coach said as much today. Unfortunately, Tee Higgins won’t be that guy. Not right now, at least.

Higgins was floated as a potential trade candidate (and possible Bears target) earlier in February. But on the final day of the second month of the calendar year, Bengals Director of Player Personnel (a.k.a. the de facto GM) Duke Tobin set the record straight and put the trade talk to bed.

You’ll want the sound on for this one (even if it is going to crush your dreams as a Bears fan):

If you can’t play the sound, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered:

“I’m in the business of making the Cincinnati Bengals better. And so trading Tee Higgins is not on my mind. That’s their problem. They want a receiver, go find your own. In my opinion, Tee Higgins is a good piece for the Cincinnati Bengals. So the trade stuff is a little ridiculous right now.”

Oof. It sure sounds like Higgins isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t get more definitive than that — especially from the highest-ranking member of the Bengals’ front office. Admittedly, the chances of a trade were always remote. Even still, this is still a bummer.

After watching all that receiver movement last year with Tyreek Hill leaving K.C. for Miami and Davante Adams fleeing Green Bay for Vegas, it felt like a non-zero chance Higgins could make it to market. Not anymore. Tobin made it clear that Higgins is staying put — and it sounded like he’d like him around for the foreseeable future. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

But who knows. Maybe Higgins becomes available sometime down the road. Drawing up extensions for Higgins, fellow wideout Ja’Marr Chase, *and* quarterback Joe Burrow will be quite a balancing act for Cincinnati. We can dream.

Aat least this clears up the Bears to turn their attention elsewhere? There are other fish in the sea, after all … though probably none as intriguing as the big one swimming in Cincy.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.