Ooh! There is "Significant, Significant" Interest in the No. 1 Pick

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Ooh! There is “Significant, Significant” Interest in the No. 1 Pick

Chicago Bears

Business is picking up at the NFL Scouting Combine.

We’ve long been hearing about the Chicago Bears’ plans to trade the first pick, what they should seek in a deal, and what it could be worth when they dangle it on the market. But things are hitting another gear in Indianapolis, where the NFL’s 32 teams have gathered to talk shop.

It began with reports of “multiple teams” having already approached the Bears about trading the pick. Shortly after that, we saw five QB-needy teams name-dropped just as the pick was going up “for sale.” Even GM Ryan Poles offered up the possibility of trading the pick sooner than expected if a deal came about that included picks and players.

The buzz is building and it isn’t slowing down one bit.

How could it? Not with NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport adding today that there is “significant interest” in the pick:

“Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Poles has been very clear, that No. 1 pick is for sale for the right price. … From my understanding, there is significant, significant interest in that pick. Among the teams expected to show interest, the Texans at No. 2 would make sense. The Atlanta Falcons are still in need of a quarterback, that would be one to watch. The Indianapolis Colts have made it very clear General Manager Chris Ballard is always open for business. Does he take a big swing? And the Panthers still have some questions as well at the quarterback position. No doubt, they’re looking at some of these top, top guys.”

Whew. That’s hot!

Not only do we get two “significants” from RapSheet, but he also rattles off a handful of teams who could inquire about cutting a deal. This is exactly the kind of update I was hoping to get this week at the Combine. It is a double dose of good news. The Bears are getting interest in the pick *AND* have a list of teams they can check in with to talk trade. Creating a trade market was always going to be on the to-do list. And it appears that is exactly what is happening at the Combine. In other words, I hope it wasn’t flustering to hear comments trying to serve as a wet blanket thrown over the trade market.

Rapoport’s video report also leaves me thinking a double trade-back is still realistic. That’s because he also makes note of the Cardinals being a team that could trade out from the No. 3 pick. Perhaps to a squad that is willing to roll the dice on this draft’s QB3. Think of it this way. We could see a scenario where the Bears trade with the Texans and slide down to the second pick. From there, they could tempt the Colts (who own the 4th pick) by pointing out how the Cardinals could trade with a quarterback-needy team and jump Indy in the draft order. Is it a long-shot? Maybe. But now that the option is out there, Indianapolis has to be considering it. And if the draft goes QB with the first three picks, it would leave the Bears in a great spot to draft the best non-QB available. Dreamy!

It looks like a win-win situation is brewing in Indy. If this develops like we think, it could be the Bears’ first win since beating the Pats on MNF. And if things go well from there, this moment could get the ball rolling on many wins down the road.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.