The Draft's Top Receivers Sound Ready to Catch Passes From Justin Fields

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The Draft’s Top Receivers Sound Ready to Catch Passes From Justin Fields

Chicago Bears

I’ve spent more time obsessing over the Bears finding a No. 1 receiver than I’d care to admit.

But then again, obsession can be a good thing. That’s kind of our whole bit here at BN. Unfortunately, our obsession on this particular issue hasn’t been rewarded just yet. Chicago’s quest for a legit No. 1 wide receiver hasn’t gone smoothly and they certainly haven’t unearthed The Guy to this point.

Internally, Darrell Mooney is a nice receiver but might be more suited to be a high-powered No. 2 than a genuine WR1. Chase Claypool has skills, but hasn’t been able to re-create what he did as a rookie in Pittsburgh during the 2020 season. And Velus Jones Jr. can be a fun gadget player, but isn’t The Guy for Fields. Meanwhile, externally, free agency doesn’t look like the place for answers. And the trade market is already drying up.

That leaves the 2023 NFL Draft as the Bears’ best option to find a bonafide top dawg at the receiver position.

And for what it’s worth, some of the top prospects are open to being that top option catching passes from Fields if the Bears were to take them in the upcoming NFL Draft:

OK, sure, those are players in a job-interview mindset pitching themselves to future employers. But you’ve seen Fields sling it, right? And you’ve seen the Bears’ current collection of pass catchers fail to create separation and/or struggle to get open with consistency. I have, too. Hence, I’m open to any and all options that present themselves as legitimate WR1 candidates.

Seriously! That’s a who’s who of receiver talent looking ahead to the opportunity to possibly catch passes from Chicago’s quarterback in 2023:

If the Bears end up with one of those receivers above, I’ll probably do a happy dance. Even if I can’t guarantee any of them will be a true WR1, adding them to the receivers’ room would lift that group’s profile. As well as our spirits as fans. As far as I’m concerned, I’m of a “the more, the merrier” mindset when it comes to bringing in wideouts.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.