A New Wave of Mock Drafts are Predicting Multiple Bears Trades

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A New Wave of Mock Drafts are Predicting Multiple Bears Trades

Chicago Bears

When the initial mock drafts were rolling in, many were wary of predicting a trade out from the No. 1 pick for the Chicago Bears. Not to say that it wasn’t going to happen. But historically, draft gurus and NFL analysts alike tend to be hesitant in predicting way-too-early trades. In recent years, the first round of mocks after the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis have been more open to offering potential trades. And this year looks to be no exception.

Todd McShay’s Mock Draft

ESPN’s Todd McShay has had some interesting pre-draft thoughts. His prediction that there will be a bidding war to get the Bears’ No. 1 pick appears to be right on schedule. Meanwhile, his laying out what Chicago should expect in a trade for the first pick is still pending. At least, it is for now.

As for McShay’s latest mock, he forecasts TWO (!!) Bears trades. One with the Colts (sliding them to No. 4) and another with the Raiders (moves them down to No. 7). And this is what these would look like…


  • 4th overall pick
  • A 2nd-round pick (35th overall)
  • 2023 5th rounder — the Colts have their own (141) and Buffalo’s (165th)
  • Maybe a 2024 1st


  • 7th overall pick
  • Possibly a 2nd (39th overall)
  • And likely a 3rd (71st overall) or 4th (110th overall)

Ultimately, turning the 1st overall into this package:

  • The 7th overall pick — Peter Skoronski, Northwestern OL
  • 35th overall
  • 39th overall (maybe?)
  • 71st overall (possibly)
  • 141st or 165th overall
  • And perhaps a 2024 first-rounder from Indy?

Honestly, this all feels a little light in the grand scheme of things. Maybe GM Ryan Poles making it known that he believes he can get first-round picks in 2024 and 2025 is clouding my thoughts. But even before Poles planted that in our head, there has been a widely held belief that the Bears are well-positioned to get a HAUL. And this doesn’t look like a haul to me.

Now, I’ll say this: You can talk me into a package that ultimately landed the Bears the 7th, 35th, 39th, 71st, 141st, and 165th picks in the 2023 NFL Draft *PLUS* a first-round pick from the Colts in 2024. Maybe then I’d sign off on it. Seeing the Bears turn the first pick into five additional picks in this draft as well as a first-rounder next year would be entertaining. Especially if it all fell together on draft night. I wouldn’t need coffee to power me through that weekend because I’d be running high off the vibes from trades.

Dane Brugler’s Mock Draft

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Dane Brugler’s mocks thread the needle by providing information while doing it in an entertaining manner. There is something about how Brugler lays these out that makes me feel smarter after I read them while not feeling like I read a bunch of scout speak. There is something to be said about that when you’re coming through however many mocks we dive into this time of year.

This brings us to Brugler’s latest, which also features a Bears double-down in the trade market. It’s another trade with the Colts to get to No. 1. But instead of the Raiders as the second team, Brugler predicts the Panthers make the deal to get to No. 4. What do you think of this haul…


  • 4th overall pick
  • 35th overall pick
  • 2024 1st-round pick


  • 9th overall pick
  • 61st overall pick (via the Niners)
  • 2024 1st-round pick

In the end, the Bears would be turning the first overall pick into this:

  • 9th overall pick — Lukas Van Ness, Iowa DL
  • 35th overall pick
  • 61st overall pick
  • Two 2024 first-round picks

I’ve written and re-written this sentence so many times in my head. Because, on the one hand, I like the idea of the Bears coming away from the first two days of the draft five picks (9th, 35th, 53rd, 61st, 64th) in the top 70. Let’s use Brugler’s own top 100 rankings to put this in perspective. Ohio State OT Paris Johnson Jr. is Brugler’s 9th overall prospect. Defensive tackle Calijah Kancey (who was garnering Aaron Donald comps as a fellow Pitt product) is 35th. Fellow defensive tackle Keeanu Benton (Wisconsin) is 53rd. Iowa tight end Sam LaPorta is 61st overall. And UCLA running back Zach Charbonnet is 64th. All in all, that is a solid collection of talent. But is it enough to allow yourself to sign off on these trades?

Mock Draft Roundup

  • FWIW: Doug Farrar (Touchdown Wire) also has the Bears taking Johnson, but with the fourth overall pick after pulling off a trade with the Colts. We might need to dig in more on Mr. Johnson’s status as a possible Bears fit along that offensive line.
  • Mark down Jaime Esner (The Draft Network) as another trade-down-with-the-Colts tally. Eisner’s draft trade forecast has the Bears getting the 4th, 35th, and 107th picks in this draft to go along with a 2024 first-round pick. That wouldn’t be the worst return. But, admittedly, I want more.
  • Ryan Wilson (CBS Sports) presents the rare post-Combine mock that doesn’t call for a trade-back. Instead, Wilson sends Alabama edge defender Will Anderson Jr. to Chicago. Not that I’d mind that one bit, although I’d bemoan the missed opportunity of trade-backs for a minute.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.