So Long, Old Friend: David Montgomery is Reportedly Signing with the Lions

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So Long, Old Friend: David Montgomery is Reportedly Signing with the Lions

Chicago Bears

If it is any consolation to anyone who is going to miss David Montgomery upon his departure, just know that he isn’t going too far.

In fact, you’ll still get to see him twice a year.

That’s because Montgomery, the Chicago Bears starting running back for each of the last four years, it taking his talents to Motown. The Detroit Lions are signing Montgomery away from the Bears:

On the one hand, part of this feels surreal. There was a time when a Montgomery extension felt realistic. Heck, I’d say there were moments in which I thought it was inevitable. There was even a point in recent weeks in which there was reported “mutual interest” between the two sides. But obviously nothing came of it. And now, Montgomery is off the Lions.

This means that — for the second straight year — GM Ryan Poles gushed over a holdover from the previous regime and publicly showed an interest in keeping said player around, only to let them walk away. It’s kind of a bummer. A little educational (for us) on Poles, too.

But we can’t afford to spend too much time thinking on the past because Montgomery’s departure means there is a vacancy on this roster. Before this report of Montgomery agreeing to sign on with the Lions, there was buzz about Chicago looking for veteran running back help. That interest should only increase with Montgomery leaving for Detroit.

UPDATE: Newly signed RB Travis Homer will be at least part of the solution … but only in a depth sense. I still have my sights set higher.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.