Still Waiting to Address the Trenches, McGlinchey Throws a Curve, Round Out the Squad, and Other Bears Bullets

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Still Waiting to Address the Trenches, McGlinchey Throws a Curve, Round Out the Squad, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

One fantasy baseball draft down, one to go.

  • The Bears have some buff dudes running the show. When you find Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles, tell me they’re not giving off “my GM can beat up your GM” energy:

  • Poles spoke with the media yesterday. So did President Kevin Warren. Eberflus will get to it later this morning. We’ll have more on each as the day goes on.
  • Another day, another reminder that the Bears’ biggest needs remain in the trenches. Add Trevor Sikkema (PFF) to the list of analysts who realizes that — even after a splash trade and free agency spending spree — Chicago’s biggest needs remain in the trenches.
  • Sikkema lists interior defensive line, offensive tackle, and cornerback as the team’s top three needs. I’d also make a case for edge/defensive end and center for consideration to crack the top three. Like anyone who has been observing the offseason can tell you, the Bears still have work even after signing Tremaine Edmunds and T.J. Edwards to bolster the group of linebackers, DeMarcus Walker and Andrew Billings to fortify the defensive line, Nate Davis to spruce up the O-line, and D’Onta Foreman and Robert Tonyan to build out offensive positional depth. The explanation is sound:

They’re not quite a complete team yet, though, even despite the positive outlook of those additions. They still need a dominant three-technique pass rusher in the middle and could stand to get a starting-caliber offensive tackle. Though their secondary is already pretty young, another solid outside cornerback could be a target for them on Day 2 of the draft.

  • Two things can be true: The Bears are better now than when we last saw them take the field in January. But they are also not the team we want them to be going into the 2023 season. Don’t get me wrong. I understand there is still more time to build this out. And I know not every need will get filled this offseason. It’s just that I thought there would be more.

I didn’t even really field another offer because Denver’s was so good right off the bat. They were direct. ‘We’re going to have the best offer to get you. If you want it, it’s yours.’

  • OK, so that goes against reporting at the time. That is weird, but also … understandable? It’s giving “you were always the one for me, babe (but only after I exhausted all my other options)” energy.
  • There is a growing consensus regarding the Bears’ filling those OL needs in the draft. Good luck getting a consensus on who they should take, though.
  • You can participate in our poll (while you are still able) and let your voice be heard:

  • My idea for a headline was something along the lines of Dreams and Nightmares: Meek Mill Reached Out to Robert Kraft on Lamar Jackson’s Behalf. But this works, too:

  • I sure am glad the Bears did what they did in trading the first pick when they did. This Lamar Jackson situation could’ve been a mess for them on so many levels. Could you imagine what it would be like if Jackson was known to be on the open market in early March? I’m glad we’re not on that timeline. Don’t get it twisted. I love a good mess. Just not when my favorite team is involved.

  • It is never too early to look ahead to the future:

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