Here We Go Again: The Bears Are Reportedly Open to Trading Their First Round Pick

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Here We Go Again: The Bears Are Reportedly Open to Trading Their First Round Pick

Chicago Bears

Since the moment the Chicago Bears snatched the first overall pick from the Houston Texans (thanks again, Lovie!) back in January, we had our eyes on trading the selection for a haul. Fast forward to March and GM Ryan Poles went above and beyond in securing an epic return for trading the first pick. But after a wave of free-agent signings at the outset of the new league year, things have settled down a bit.

However, that is on the verge of changing.

Chicago sports media personality David Kaplan hears the Bears are open to trading the No. 9 overall pick. And you can consider my interest piqued:

“A lot of smoke out of the owners meetings that the Bears are absolutely open for business trading pick nine to move back a handful of slots, still get a good player, and add more draft capital.”

What’s old is new again. Kaplan has Poles as “contemplating” trading back, which certainly has my attention. Considering that Kaplan was reporting in early March that teams were “ready to move heaven and earth” to get the Bears No. 1 pick, which was followed by the Panthers moving heaven, Earth, the moon, and a star receiver for the opportunity to pick first, we should be on high alert for another potential move. Remember, Poles had eyes for a double trade-back before sending the first pick to Carolina. Maybe he’ll get that chance for another trade, albeit via a different path.

Everything we said about trading the first pick is applicable to the possibility of trading the ninth selection. So at the risk of beating a dead horse, I’ll be brief. The Bears could do well by trading back. Adding picks gives the Bears more spins at the wheel to add talent with upside. Adding picks should be of the utmost importance for a franchise that lacks talent and depth. Sure, the Bears need impact talent. And trading too far down the board will lower your team’s chances of landing that type of player. But a run on quarterbacks early would conceivably push good prospects at other positions down the draft board. In other words, the Bears could get a top 10 talent outside of the top 10 if a bunch of QBs go early. Just something to keep in mind as we approach April’s draft.

For more from Kaplan, you’ll want to check out this video below:

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Author: Luis Medina

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