Fridge, Mongo, Jimbo, and the Chicago Bears History with WrestleMania

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Fridge, Mongo, Jimbo, and the Chicago Bears History with WrestleMania

Chicago Bears

WrestleMania is one of the handful of times that I tune in to watch professional wrestling every year. Essentially, this two-day event is to sports entertainment what the Super Bowl is to professional football. Everyone tunes in for the fun. Die-hards, first-timers, casuals, curious creatures, and more find their way to the biggest stage.

And even though the Chicago Bears weren’t in it, one of their biggest fans — George Kittle — had a WrestleMania moment last night:

That’s neat. And I’m happy that Kittle got his moment. The only way it would’ve been better is if Pat McAfee would’ve brought out Aaron Rodgers to get thrown through a table. Or maybe that is just my WrestleMania fantasy.

Anyway, all of that is here to set up this trip down memory lane featuring the Chicago Bears’ history with WrestleMania. Because shortly after the Bears won Super Bowl XX, William “The Refrigerator”: Perry, Jimbo Covert, and the legendary Dick Butkus made the crossover from the gridiron to the squared circle at WrestleMania II:

Getting a Dick Butkus cameo as a referee is a nice treat in its own right.

And searching through the Twitter archives, I can’t believe this video has been hiding from me all these years:

And to think, there are other occasions in which the Bears and pro wrestling have been in each other’s crosshairs:

And now I’m wondering if the Bears have something else up their sleeves. Can we get Ryan Poles a title match? How about Matt Eberflus as a special guest referee? I’m open to any and all ideas. And I’ll definitely be tuning in tonight.

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