I Think This Means Justin Fields is Basically a Genius

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I Think This Means Justin Fields is Basically a Genius

Chicago Bears

That ramp-up to the NFL Draft always unearths some unexpected gems.

Although, I didn’t expect to see a Justin Fields nugget make its way to the surface.

In discussing the S2 Cognition test — which attempts to measure how quickly testers process information and is something that has been in baseball circles for some time — NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah let it slip that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young had the highest S2 score in his class. Congrats to Young for that accomplishment. And my best goes out to Jeremiah, who will probably get an earful for letting this slip. But mostly, best wishes to the team that gets the opportunity to draft Young later this month. (P.S. Nice doing business with you, Carolina).

Seeing that the Bears traded out of a spot to take the high-scorer on the S2 test might sting for some Bears fans. However, there is one bit of news that comes as a quality consolation prize. And it is that Chicago’s QB1 Justin Fields tested at an elite level:

We should come away from this bit of news remembering that Fields was held in high standing as a quarterback prospect. Sure, Fields’ ability to read coverages and react accordingly has come into question. But a high score on an aptitude test specifically designed to measure how quickly athletes process serves as a reminder that things aren’t as bad as the harshest critics make ’em out to be.

And to think, this isn’t necessarily breaking news. Back in April 2021, The MMQB’s Albert Breer tweeted that Fields scored “extremely high” on the S2 Cognition test. Moreover, Fields’ score was “comparable to Joe Burrow” from the 2020 NFL Draft class. Considering the high regard that many hold Joe Shiesty’s processing ability, that Fields is on that level is a wonderful bit of news. Plus, former NFL QB Mark Sanchez revealed that Fields put up the highest S2 Cognition test score ever when he tested back in 2021. More from Sanchez during an April 2021 appearance on Pat McAfee’s show:

All in all, my quick takeaway from this is that Justin Fields is a genius. And I’m glad he is on the Bears.

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Author: Luis Medina

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