Who Wants Carter? Pick Your Side of the Trenches, Saints on Easy Street, and Other Bears Bullets

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Who Wants Carter? Pick Your Side of the Trenches, Saints on Easy Street, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Woke up this morning thinking I’d need to rush through errands before going to a 1:20 p.m. first pitch at Wrigley. But then I saw the game time was at 3:05, which gives me time for shenanigans. And also, to do some spring cleaning.

  • What if the Texans don’t take a QB at No. 2? Patrick explains that (and more) in this set of NFL Bullets. The potential Bears impact would be small, but not insignificant. Particularly if Houston picks a defensive lineman with that pick. Would that start a run of defensive players going off the board? If so, it could lead to the Bears starting a run on offensive linemen with the ninth pick. To be honest, I’m not wholly concerned by what the Texans do (or don’t do) with their pick. But it is something we should be aware of as we assess what the Bears can do when they go on the clock.
  • If not the Bears, maybe it is the Falcons starting the run on players in the trenches. NFL Network analyst James Palmer explores Atlanta’s squad as a team that could target the trenches with its first pick:

  • A best-case scenario for the Bears when they go on the clock might be one where the best offensive line prospects are still available, Jalen Carter hasn’t gone off the board, and the best cornerbacks have yet to be taken. This would be a big win for the Bears on multiple levels.
  • Firstly, they’d have a shot at picking a plug-and-play offensive lineman — something they desperately need after adding only a right guard in free agency. Secondly, it could open the Bears for trade-back options. Perhaps a team wants to trade up for a lineman. Or maybe they have eyes on a cornerback. Heck, maybe a team is all in on Carter and wants to jump a team like the Eagles (who also might have eyes for the Georgia DT). It is possible the Bears could have an interest in drafting a cornerback. The Bears go in that direction in this mock draft. And I suppose the Bears could go after Carter for themselves. The options seem endless at this point. Only 19 days until we start getting seen answers.
  • I believe Matt nails it with his assessment oof the Jalen Carter situation:

  • Here’s where I am: If Carter’s medical, mental, physical, and off-the-field stuff checks out, then he should be the pick. Impact players who play a position the team needs to fill and whose defensive architects acknowledge is a vital spot in the lineup don’t grow on trees. But if even one of those boxes isn’t checked, then the Bears shouldn’t take the risk. That might be oversimplifying things, but my high school AP Government teacher’s K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) method comes to mind right now. The Bears shouldn’t overthink this pick. And that they have to do extra work in order to ensure Carter is their dude gives me pause.
  • But maybe it is that simple. It essentially boils down to this: Bears GM Ryan Poles has a top-10 pick and doesn’t want to pick here again for the foreseeable future. At least, he shouldn’t want to be picking here anytime soon. Therefore, he can’t afford to fumble the bag here. And if that means taking a “safer” pick at a different position, then so be it. Getting good players is important. But there is also a trust threshold that must be met before making a major investment. For Carter’s sake, I hope he understands that and is willing to reach those marks.
  • There is still time to vote in this very important poll:

  • Speaking of overthinking it, let’s not do it with this poll. Essentially, all I want to find out from respondents is who they’d pick if the best OL and DL in this class are available when the Bears go on the clock. Your favorite offensive line prospect is available. As is your favorite defensive line prospect. Who’s your guy? That’s all. Sometimes, there is no need to go deeper than the surface level.
  • Do you still think the Bears should plug some gaps via free agency? Hey, just know you’re not alone. With that in mind, Maurice Moton (Bleacher Report) has a list of notable names still available on the free-agent market. A pair of names that interest me from this list are offensive lineman Donovan Smith and cornerback Rock Ya-Sin. Smith turns 30 in June, but has 129 games of starting experience as a quality left tackle. And while he has never made a Pro Bowl or earned All-Pro honors, Smith has a solid résumé. Maybe he can be a Jason Peters or Riley Reiff type of signing? I’m just asking and spitballing here. As for Ya-Sin, the Bears still need cornerback help. And Ya-Sin has experience with Bears Head Coach Matt Eberflus. Ya-Sin turns 27 in May, which puts him in that age range of players this front office often targets in free agency.
  • ESPN’s Mike Clay projects the Saints to have one of the easiest schedules going into the 2023 season. This is what it looks like:

  • If the Bears and Chiefs take their game to Germany (as early reports indicate), then the Bears-Saints game in New Orleans becomes the premier domestic road trip destination for fans. It’ll certainly be at the top of my wish list.
  • One way or another, this game will end with me using a Drake meme:

  • Oh, boy:

  • The beauty of baseball is that you can watch 162 games a year and still see something you’ve never seen before:

  • Also: How long until Shohei Ohtani pulls it off?

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