Twitter’s Reaction to the Aaron Rodgers Trade was Priceless

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Twitter’s Reaction to the Aaron Rodgers Trade was Priceless

Chicago Bears

The Aaron Rodgers trade isn’t officially official just yet. But it is only a matter of time until the Jets and Packers put it into the record book. And just in time, too. I’d been growing tired of playing the waiting game while following that doofus hold-up the offseason.

What I am not tired of is the tremendous reactions that have come about since the trade.

This has been an all-timer, starting with the reactions from ESPN’s NFL Live crew when Adam Schefter broke the news:

Look at all these faces:

At least a half-dozen meme formats were launched from that segment alone.

Leave it to the Bears’ official Twitter account to have what might be the best post-trade reaction:

Sometimes, brands overthink what to send out during big moments. As is often the case, simple is better. That tweet .gif usage was chef’s kiss good.

The only thing better than the raw, meme-able faces on ESPN and the .gif usage by the Bears was the reaction from Bears fans. We’ve been waiting for a moment like this for quite some time. And it didn’t disappoint:

I can’t front. Yours truly asked himself this very question shortly after the news broke:

If I had to rank the best days as a Bears fan since 2019, here is what my top-5 looks like:

  1. The trade up to draft Justin Fields
  2. Getting DJ Moore as part of the trade back from No. 1
  3. Robbie Gould ending the Packers’ playoff run in January 2022
  4. Week 1’s slip-n-slide win against the Niners
  5. Beating the Pats on MNF (hey, I’m a softy and I’ll always hold that game close because of The Girlfriend)

OK, so news of the Rodgers trade doesn’t supplant anyone from the top 5. And while I’m sure it is in the top 10, it isn’t better than landing the first pick (with one last tank win for the road), watching the Bucs beat the Packers on their home turf to end their Super Bowl dreams, or seeing a DB from Papa Bear Halas’ alma mater end Rodgers’ tenure in Green Bay. It’s been a down few years for the Bears, so don’t mind me if I grasp to whatever football joy I can find — especially if it is doused in schadenfreude.

One last (and very important) statistic before we get out the door:

And, hey, maybe we’ll get one last shot at Rodgers after all:

Although I’ll be honest with you, I can’t see the Jets finishing first in the AFC East next year. So that would knock that possibility off the table. However, now that Rodgers is out of the NFC North, the door is wide open. And I hope the Bears walk right through it.

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Author: Luis Medina

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