Pre-Gamin': The 2023 NFL Draft (7:00 CT): Bears Picks, Needs, Broadcast Info, Draft Thread, More

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Pre-Gamin’: The 2023 NFL Draft (7:00 CT): Bears Picks, Needs, Broadcast Info, Draft Thread, More

Chicago Bears


NFL Draft Day is here.

And the Chicago Bears will have their own first-round pick for the first time since 2021.

It has felt like a long, arduous road to get here. But we’ve made it.

Let’s pick some winners, shall we?

Draft Info

Location: Kansas City

Dates and rounds: April 27 (Round 1), April 28 (Rounds 2-3), April 29 (Rounds 4-7)

Round 1 start time: 7 p.m. CT

How to watch/stream: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, ESPN Deportes,

Bears Picks


Round 1: Pick 9

The last time they had a first-rounder, the Bears picked this guy:

I like to think this turned out well. At least it has to this point.

So … how about getting Mr. Fields some help? Maybe someone who can block for him in the trenches. Or perhaps a playmaker who does big things with the ball in his hands. However the cookie crumbles, there is nothing like having a first-round pick for the first time since 2021 to get your juices flowing.


Round 2: Picks 53 and 61

Round 3: Pick 64

Ok, so the Velus Jones Jr. pick didn’t go as we would’ve liked. But it wasn’t a total loss, as VJJ appeared to find his footing late in the season. At least the Bears did well in Round 2 last year drafting starters at cornerback (Kyler Gordon) and safety (Jaquan Brisker). I wouldn’t mind history repeating itself with the Bears snagging two starters on Day 2 for a second straight draft.


Round 4: Picks 103 and 133

Round 5: Picks 136 and 148

Round 6: None

Round 7: Picks 218 and 258

Day 3 is when GM Ryan Poles was at his best last year. Credit poles and his staffers for landing a starting left tackle (Braxton Jones, Round 5) and a useful punter (Trenton Gill, Round 7) on Day 3 after creating picks out of thin air. We might look back at this draft more fondly if O-linemen Doug Kramer or Ja’Tyre Carter make progress as developmental prospects. Maybe defensive end Dominique Robinson (Round 5) can find more consistency in his game as a second-year player. Perhaps running back Trestan Ebner (Round 6) will seize the opportunity that comes with challenging a free-agent addition for snaps.

Based on last year’s results, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bears finish Saturday making more than six picks.

Five Bears Needs

•  Offensive tackle
•  Defensive end
•  Defensive tackle
•  Cornerback
•  Interior offensive linemen

First-Round Order

1st: Carolina Panthers

2nd: Houston Texans

3rd: Arizona Cardinals

4th: Indianapolis Colts

5th: Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)

6th: Detroit Lions (from LA Rams)

7th: Las Vegas Raiders

8th: Atlanta Falcons

9th: Chicago Bears (from Panthers)

10th: Philadelphia Eagles (from Saints)

11th: Tennessee Titans

12th: Houston Texans (from Browns)

13th: Green Bay Packers (from New York Jets)

14th: New England Patriots

15th: New York Jets (from Green Bay Packers)

16th: Washington Commanders

17th: Pittsburgh Steelers

18th: Detroit Lions

19th: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20th: Seattle Seahawks

21st: Los Angeles Chargers

22nd: Baltimore Ravens

23rd: Minnesota Vikings

24th: Jacksonville Jaguars

25th: New York Giants

26th: Dallas Cowboys

27th: Buffalo Bills

28th: Cincinnati Bengals

29th: New Orleans Saints (from 49ers through Dolphins through Broncos)

30th: Philadelphia Eagles

31st: Kansas City Chiefs

Draft Thread

Your draft thread is down in the comments, so let’s have some good, clean (safe-for-work) fun. It’s good to be back talking about picking in the first round. Hopefully, this pick is someone we talk about for many days, months, and years to come. Preferably for all the right reasons.

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