The Flus Factor, Lions Try to Justify Weird Draft, NFL Network Blackout Ends, and Other Bears Bullets

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The Flus Factor, Lions Try to Justify Weird Draft, NFL Network Blackout Ends, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

One of my favorite conversations I had with The Girlfriend when she was in this plane of existence was my explanation of my always-growing Air Jordans collection.

“You’ve got a shoe thing going on here,” she said upon seeing a dozen different pairs. “What’s that about?”

Explaining your admiration for quality sneakers that are both fashionable and comfortable to someone new in your life isn’t easy, but I somehow navigated those waters without chasing her off. She was a real one, folks.

I offer that up as a lead-in to Bullets today because I was reminded of the risks I take in buying J’s on the secondary market. And I know a bunch of you readers are sneaker heads, so I wanted to share this tale. Because just when I thought I had the pair of Air Jordan 11 “Cherry Red” that I missed out on during an October shock drop (while simultaneously missing out on Taylor Swift concert tickets), I received a notification that I wouldn’t be getting them because they didn’t pass the GOAT verification process. I realize I could’ve saved a few bucks by not sending them in for verification, but I’m glad I didn’t. Imagine ordering a shoe, paying for it, and receiving it only for it to not be what it was supposed to be.

TL;DR — If you’re buying shoes off the re-sale market, the extra few Bucs for verification is worth it.

  • I saw this tweet before going to bed last night…

  • … and it instantly struck a chord with me because I found myself recalling Bears QB Justin Fields mentioning that he’d be in contact a Hall of Fame QB thanks to Head Coach Matt Eberflus. Here’s a trip down memory lane:

“Coach Flus just met Steve Young,” Fields said. “So I’m looking forward to getting together with him and talking to him a bit about the quarterback position and about playing quarterback.”

To me, this reads as if Eberflus is going to get Young and Fields to link up. I’m not sure if this was a chance meeting or something that was in the works, but I’m into it. Especially if it results in Fields and Young chopping it up and talking shop.

When asked about specifics regarding what he’d want to gain from chatting with Young, Fields said: “Just everything. The ups and downs. How he played the position. And what his mindset was going into each week and stuff like that.”

The mental game is so important. And I appreciate Fields’ football IQ so much more every time I hear him talk about the game. And even more when hearing him talk about a possible meeting with a Hall of Fame signal-caller.

  • I can’t believe I used to worry about a potential disconnect between a young, up-and-coming quarterback and a defensive-leaning first-year head coach. We’re still in the early stages of the Eberflus-Fields relationship. But it is evident that Eberfus has successfully reached across the aisle to build a bond with Fields. Not only is that not inconsequential, it is also something we shouldn’t take for granted.
  • It isn’t easy for defensive coaches to connect with offensive players. Just as it isn’t easy for offensive-leaning coaches to build something with defensive players. And even when it happens, it doesn’t always last forever. Here’s to more.
  • Something I think we should talk about more: There has been a particular balance in GM Ryan Poles’ picks through two years as GM. Poles has made 21 selections: 11 defensive players, 9 offensive players, 1 special teams player. I’m not sure if this is normal or not, so I’ll need to dig into recent draft history for context. But I like this path better than the alternative of going heavy on one side of the ball and not the other. There is power in finding balance.
  • The Lions had a weird draft. And while I still don’t think they did the best with the assets they had available, I think GM Brad Holmes makes a good point:

  • Too many people are using draft guides as gospel instead of using them as what they’re supposed to be — guides. Don’t get me wrong. I dove into them as much as anyone. But draft grades, guides, and prospect handbooks are supposed to be only part of the evaluation process. I’m going to keep this in mind when we go into next year’s pre-draft process. Hopefully, that’s not something we have to deal with until February after the Super Bowl.
  • Well, this is a relief:

  • It is remarkable to see what the NFL Draft has become:

  • I wonder if other leagues will do similarly in the years to come. If any league can do it, maybe it is the NBA. The Association knows how to boogie. It’s just that the timing of it being right after the NBA Finals makes it a bit of a challenge. But, hey, if the NFL can turn its draft into a traveling road show then anything is possible.
  • Because it’s never too early to start your planning:

  • It was unfortunate that I didn’t get to fully enjoy the college football bowl and playoff season because I was off the grid at the time. Maybe this year will be different. Especially with the schedule lining up for all this meaningful football being played at once. And, who knows, maybe the Bears will be part of the fun?
  • Good riddance (to the both of ’em):

  • Uh … Jerry said the quiet stuff loud:

  • Louder for the folks in charge at Clark and Addison:

  • The 2023 NHL Draft Lottery countdown continues:

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