Here's the Bears' Rookie Minicamp Roster (And Some Names to Keep Tabs On This Weekend)

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Here’s the Bears’ Rookie Minicamp Roster (And Some Names to Keep Tabs On This Weekend)

Chicago Bears

With rookie minicamp opening today, it makes sense that the Chicago Bears are busy on the transaction front.

The team signed a handful of its Day 3 draft picks and agreed to terms with 14 UDFA newbies.

And now that we have that bit of red tape cleared, here is a look at the team’s minicamp roster entering the weekend, via The Athletic’s Adam Jahns:

There are some fun names on this list and neat nuggets to takeaway from it. Let’s discuss my favorites:

  • Because it isn’t a Bears camp without a bunch of tight ends, notable tryouts include Jacob Breeland (who was a popular sleeper selection among draftniks a few years ago) and Jacob Harris. Harris is arguably the most interesting of the minicamp invites because he’s got some post-hype sleeper vibes as a hybrid developmental prospect. How about a Josh Harris sizzle reel for your Friday?

  • That offensive guru Sean McVay didn’t figure out what to do with Harris should give me pause. But an ACL injury sidetracked his development. I’m willing to give Luke Getsy the benefit of the doubt and allow for him to find his own projects. At a minimum, this could be fun to follow.
  • This offseason saw the Bears sign free agents along the defensive line whose standout trait was versatility. Now that they’ve brought in three NFL Draft picks at defensive tackle, I’ll be curious to see where the rookie defensive tackles line up. Without a certified butt-kicker in the middle, my hope is that having a rotating cast of characters to hold it down will help bridge the gap until they get one. Or maybe one of the rookies can play their way into that role. We can’t rule it out. In fact, I won’t rule it out. Go earn that playing time!
  • Oh, to be a fly on the wall at Halas Hall watching rookies Tyrique Stevenson and Tyler Scott square off. One-on-one matchups pitting the top CB draft pick against the only WR the Bears took in the draft figure to be fun. Although, we shouldn’t forget about Terell Smith — a Day 3 corner with much to prove.
  • Part of me expects there to be a temptation to play Darnell Wright at left tackle. However, a smarter part of me knows that is a response to Ryan Pace drafting a right tackle and moving him to left tackle for reasons that I understand (but struggle to accept). The new Matt (Eberflus) and Ryan (Poles) won’t make the same mistake the old Matt (Nagy) and Ryan (Pace) did. Right?
  • It really is nice to see Peanut Tillman hanging around Halas Hall. I hope Bears rookies are hanging on every word he says. Take good notes, kids! This guy knows what he is talking about:

  • More from the coach:

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