The Chiefs Are Trying to Dodge Playing the Bears in Germany

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The Chiefs Are Trying to Dodge Playing the Bears in Germany

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You might want to allow yourself to have some flexibility if you’ve already made plans for a Euro-trip because of recent reporting regarding the Chicago Bears and Kansas City Chiefs being set to play in Germany.

Because a highly anticipated Justin Fields-Patrick Mahomes matchup might not be an international affair.

According to long-time NFL insider Peter King, the Chiefs made it known to the NFL that they don’t want to play the Bears in Germany (bold emphasis mine):

The German newspaper Bild reported KC would play Chicago in the Germany game, and that KC would play again in Germany in 2024 when Carolina is due to host a game there. Bild reported Carolina’s 2024 foe would be Kansas City. I’ve been told there’s some doubt on both of those reports. First: When a team gives up one of its home games to play overseas, it has the option of requesting to the league one home game on its schedule the team does not want moved. I’m told Kansas City requested that the Chicago game not be played overseas

Oooh, this is juicy! We’ve got a potential standoff between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Chiefs Chairman and co-owner Clark Hunt. Nothing like pitting the league’s most powerful individual and the face of arguably its most prominent franchise right now. The Hunt family has some pull. And I wonder if it is enough to push the NFL off its desire to send the Chiefs to play the Bears in Germany. I guess we’ll find out this week when league schedules are set to come out.

Don’t get me wrong. I know why the league wants it. And I know why a certain segment of the fanbase wants it, too. But for me, a potential trip to Kansas City is a bucket list event. Traveling to Arrowhead, getting that sweet, sweet BBQ, and visiting the Negro Leagues Museum would check three things off my sports fan to-do list. I’m sure Germany has cool things to offer. And at a different time and place in my life, I’d have been into it. But not right now.

Selfishly, I’ve not been on board with the idea of the Bears playing overseas. Sure, the Bears playing the Chiefs on the road instead of a neutral site makes a daunting task a little easier. Then again, we also saw Justin Fields roll into New England and take down Bill Belichick and the Patriots on Monday Night Football. So I’m of the belief that QB1 can do anything. Germany? Kansas City? Gotham City? Germantown, Illinois (it’s a real place!)? I’m willing to ride with Fields wherever the Bears play.

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Author: Luis Medina

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