The Chicago Bears 2023 Schedule is HERE (Dates, Times, TV Networks, More)

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The Chicago Bears 2023 Schedule is HERE (Dates, Times, TV Networks, More)

Chicago Bears

No one makes an event out of an announcement like the NFL.

But if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it in a big way.

The ball dropped at 7 p.m. CT and the 2023 Chicago Bears schedule looks like this:

Wow, wow, wow! So many great cameos in this. Seth Rollins. Justin Fields. Peanut Tillman. Annie Agar. Spice Adams. And so many more. What a cast of characters. Well done, chefs!

And for those of you who didn’t want to sit through a video, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered:

  • WEEK 1, Sept. 10: vs. Green Bay Packers, 3:25 on FOX
  • WEEK 2, Sept. 17: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, noon on FOX
  • WEEK 3, Sept. 24: at Kansas City Chiefs, 3:25 on FOX
  • WEEK 4, Oct. 1: vs. Denver Broncos, noon on CBS
  • WEEK 5, Oct. 5: AT Commanders on Thursday Night Football at 7:15 onAmazon Prime
  • WEEK 6, Oct. 15: vs. Minnesota Vikings, noon on FOX
  • WEEK 7, Oct. 22: vs. Las Vegas Raiders, noon on FOX
  • WEEK 8, Oct. 29: AT Los Angeles Chargers, on Sunday Night Football on NBC at 7:20
  • WEEK 9, Nov. 5: AT New Orleans Saints, noon on CBS
  • WEEK 10, Nov. 9: vs. Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime
  • WEEK 11, Nov. 19: AT Detroit Lions, noon on FOX
  • WEEK 12, Nov. 27: AT Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football on ESPN
  • WEEK 14, Dec. 10: vs. Detroit Lions, noon on FOX
  • WEEK 15: AT Cleveland Browns, TBD
  • WEEK 16, Dec. 24: vs. Arizona Cardinals, 3:25 on FOX
  • WEEK 17, Dec. 31: vs. Atlanta Falcons, noon on CBS
  • WEEK 18: AT Green Bay Packers, TBD

All times are CT


  • Flex scheduling begins in Week 5. And we could have flex MNF games starting this year. Fun!
  • Grand opening, grand closing. Playing the Packers to start and end the year could provide us with a nice narrative bookend for the 2023 season. At a minimum, I think we’ll have a better sense of this franchise’s direction after the wrap things up in Green Bay. I’ve always wanted to experience a snowglobe game at Lambeau Field. Maybe this is the year.
  • Not one, but two Thursday Night Football games? Yuck. I hate it. It is tough to imagine the NFLPA being happy about its players doing the quick turnaround from Sunday to Thursday *TWICE* in a season. And in the span of five weeks? Ick. Hopefully, Roger Goodell doesn’t send hired goons to shake me down after reading this.
  • Putting two of my top three Bears destinations on back-to-back weeks shows me that the schedule-makers are mad at me for some reason. C’mon, man. What have I done to deserve this?
  • No Thanksgiving game for Chicago. That’s two years in a row for us. Even though I ended up getting ridiculously sick last year to the point where The Girlfriend had to take care of me, that was the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had.
  • A road trip to Cleveland in December seems daunting. Particularly because there is no time, date, or TV listing. This might be a Saturday affair depending on how the college football schedule shakes out. In any case, there is no way it goes worse for the Bears this time around if you compare it to their last trip to Ohio.
  • More schedule thoughts to come later!

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