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Jonathan Toews

Stan Bowman Addresses the “Scary Rumors” About Jonathan Toews’ Absence

Chicago Blackhawks

If you’ve been watching the Chicago Blackhawks this season, you’ll have noticed how much the team misses its Captain of the last 12 years, Jonathan Toews. A key figure for the Blackhawks in every situation, the absence of Toews‘ leadership and two-way abilities have left a glaring hole in Chicago’s lineup.

Prior to training camp, Toews announced he would not be joining the team, as he’d been dealing with an undisclosed illness that left him “drained and feeling lethargic.” He was placed on long-term injured reserve and it’s still unknown what is ailing him and how long he will be away from the team. As you can imagine, that level of uncertainty led to all sorts of rumors online. Some are rather scary, that need not be given life here, because those are generally being dismissed as untrue.

Tonight (Thursday), Blackhawks general manager and president of hockey operations Stan Bowman downplayed the rumors that have begun to build, and all things considered, his comments should start to make you feel better (which is not to say everything is necessarily perfect): “It’s not like we have information that we’re not sharing. It’s a situation where it’s just the great unknown when he’ll be feeling ready to play hockey again,” Bowman says in the discussion with The Daily Herald’s John Dietz.

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On the speculation of the worst from fans, Bowman explained that it’s simply not true, but understands why those sort of rumors begin to build: “When it’s something like this — where it’s not one thing you can point to — it just leads to people wondering. ‘Gee, what is it? What happened?’ I get it. I totally get it.”

For now, this feels like a weight off the shoulders of Blackhawks fans to hear any sort of reassurance on Toews’ status – at least, in terms of the “scary rumors” swirling around various comments sections and message boards. According to Bowman, the 32-year-old Captain is working on his health and plans to return to the Blackhawks when he is feeling well enough to get back on the ice at the level he is accustomed to.

We all want the best for Toews and wish him a full, healthy recovery.

Author: Mario Tirabassi

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