Bowman: We Are Not Withholding Information About Jonathan Toews

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Bowman: We Are Not Withholding Information About Jonathan Toews

Chicago Blackhawks

Stan Bowman seems like he had a busy weekend. After talking with the Chicago Sun-Times and The Athletic about the status of Brent Seabrook, Kirby Dach, and the contributions of the young players on the roster, Bowman had more to say, or not say, this time about Chicago’s Captain Jonathan Toews.

In an interview with Ben Pope of the Chicago Sun-Times, Bowman is adamant that there are no updates to Jonathan Toews’ injury/illness status and that the organization is not keeping people in the dark on purpose.

From the interview:

“I don’t have any update on Jonathan,” Bowman said. “And when I say this, I mean it: It’s not like we have additional information that we’re holding back. All we know is he’s not ready to play right now … I have no doubt, knowing Jonathan as long as I have, that when’s ready to be back, he’ll be back.”

Toews has been away from the team since before the beginning of training camp. In late December, he provided a statement about what he has been dealing with since, according to Bowman, at least the 2020 postseason in the Edmonton bubble. It was eerie to hear Toews announced at the Blackhawks home opener at the United Center on January 22, but not have him be at the arena. But from what we have been told my Bowman, there is nothing to the rumors that have circulated the internet about Toews’ health.

And it’s none of our business, quite frankly.

Toews has the right to privacy in a situation that is not as cut and dry as a broken wrist or a sprained ankle. This seems to be a situation where only Toews and the people who are figuring things out with him, need to be in the loop. The fans want to know he’s alright, and I get that, I’m one of them. But there doesn’t need to be this deep dive, rumor generating, “I heard from a friend’s cousin’s girlfriend who knows a guy who is neighbors with his parents” etc. kind of deal.

In the past, the Blackhawks have been secretive and behind the curtain with odd injury/illness situations, sure. But since the Stan Bowman PR Tour of the summer of 2020, they have agreed to be more transparent and they have been. This is a situation where, for the good of Toews, this is as transparent as it could/should get.

The best we can do is wish Jonathan well in his path back to being fully happy and healthy. If that means he returns to the Blackhawks as well, all the better.

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Author: Mario Tirabassi

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