In His Words: Duncan Keith Says Goodbye to the Blackhawks, Ready For Chance to Win A Cup in Edmonton

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In His Words: Duncan Keith Says Goodbye to the Blackhawks, Ready For Chance to Win A Cup in Edmonton

Chicago Blackhawks

Duncan Keith is one of my all-time favorite Hockey players.

Not just an all-time favorite Chicago Blackhawks player, he is on the Mount Rushmore of my all-time favorite players I’ve ever seen play the game. Seeing him get traded to the Edmonton Oilers has been a weird trip. When the Blackhawks were in the middle of their dynasty run a few years back, I never thought I would see Keith, of all players, ever play in another sweater. It seemed impossible.

Well, anything is possible. Thank you, Kevin Garnett.

Keith now moves on to a new chapter in his hockey career and his life, playing closer to home with the Edmonton Oilers, something that was a priority to him as he got into the later years of his playing career. In a press conference on Monday night following the trade being made official, Keith reflected on his time with the Blackhawks and his new opportunities with Edmonton.

This summer was not the first time that we had heard that Keith wanted to play closer to his son in British Columbia, but this was the first time we knew that Keith was the one that asked to be traded. It was the right time for both him and the team to move forward with a trade and making it a reality for Keith to be close to home.

One of the biggest reasons for concerns from the Oilers fan community was the fact that Keith is coming to the team having played 16 NHL seasons, leading the Blackhawks in ice-time in each one of those seasons, and seems to have his best hockey well behind him. Even at 37-years-old, turning 38 on Friday, Keith sees it differently.

16 seasons. That is a long friggin’ time.

Keith’s career may never be matched with the Blackhawks in the modern-day NHL and even though the last few seasons have not gone the way that Keith, the ultimate competitor, would have wanted, the full-scope of his time in Chicago will live on forever in Blackhawks and Chicago sports history.

Now more than ever, we are being reminded to enjoy the good times with the Blackhawks.

Good friggin times, man.

I will always appreciate the player and person Duncan Keith was in his time with the Blackhawks. I hope he finds success and happiness on and off the ice with the Oilers.

Author: Mario Tirabassi

Mario Tirabassi is a writer for Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Mario_Tirabassi.