Bear Down Let Down, Blast From the Past, and Other Blackhawks Bullets

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Bear Down Let Down, Blast From the Past, and Other Blackhawks Bullets

Chicago Blackhawks

We waited all Sunday for that?

The Bears fell in the NFL season-opener on Sunday Night to the Los Angeles Rams and it wasn’t an enjoyable night of football. Outside of Justin Fields getting his first NFL touchdown, the Bears defense was a major let down and the offense ran as well as we probably expected with Andy Dalton at the helm.

But these are the Blackhawks Bullets, not the Bears Bullets

•   So for the Blackhawks tie-in to last night, former Blackhawks goaltenders and Lemont, Illinois-native Scott Darling was in the building for the game.

•   Taking in brand-new SoFi Stadium, the Bears treated Darling to a lackluster performance after having all the pomp and circumstance heading into their first performance of the season….much like Darling’s PTO with the IceHogs last season. HEYO!

•   Add Dave Bolland to the list of former Blackhawks that were let down by the Bears last night…

•   I have my first child on the way very soon, and while I won’t force being a sports fan on her as a child, she will definitely be living in a sports-centric house. I want her to have commonality in her sports fandom with the kids she will be friends with. I grew up a Blackhawks fan but none of my friends were into hockey like I am. I also grew up a Cowboys fan outside of Texas and a Brewers fan in a Cubs-dominated town. It was difficult at times to experience sports highs and lows with my teams without a close-knit group of friends that also were experiencing those same highs and lows. I want her to have that experience as a sports fan. Again, if that is something she is into as she grows up. Her friends will all likely be fans of Chicago-based teams, and the Bears are making it really hard for me to push her towards that fandom in the NFL. I have to do what is best for her health.

•   Maybe Justin Fields will make that decision easier in the future, but for now, I’m right there with Lu after last night…

•   It appears Alex DeBrincat and Brandon Hagel had themselves a better weekend than the Bears did. Here they are with Quinn XCII prior to his show on Saturday night in Chicago!

•   If you’re asking yourself, “Who is Quinn XCII?” I couldn’t even begin to tell you. But he appears to be popular with the kids. Hope Alex and Brandon enjoyed themselves.

•   Am I being an old, fuddy-duddy? Maybe. But hey, here are some fellow old, fuddy-duddy Blackhawks!

•   This colorized picture is incredible and those sweaters would be a sick look to bring back. Just saying.

•   Speaking of former Blackhawks, while the Stanley Cup is overseas in Russia partying with Andrei Vasilevskiy, Nikita Kucherov, and Mikhail Sergachev of the Tampa Bay Lightning, former Cup-winner Nikolai Khabibulin stopped by to see his old friend…

•   Too bad he couldn’t take that 2004 Lightning magic with him to the Blackhawks in the mid/late 2000’s.

•   EA Sports continues to roll-out their content reveals ahead of the release of NHL22, including the reveal of the new X-Factors in the game. Apparently, 50 NHL players will feature these game-breaking X-Factors…

•   We already know Seth Jones is featured with the “Quick Pick” X-Factor, so which Blackhawks might also land on the 50-player list? Ok…we know it’s Patrick Kane. Maybe Marc-André Fleury, but definitely Kane.

•   The beautiful game…

•   I know I’ve said for the last few days, but the Blackhawks HAVE TO be releasing their training camp and prospect tournament rosters soon. Any minute. Soon.

•   That will do it for today. Hope you all can have a good Monday!

•   A final reminder today, be sure to send your Blackhawks questions to me on Twitter using the hashtag #BNHawksMailbag or email them to me using Mario.tirabassi at bleachernation dot com and I will get them answered for the Monday Mailbag segment!

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