Report: Blackhawks, Representation for Kyle Beach and "John Doe 2" Agree to Settlement Mediation

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Report: Blackhawks, Representation for Kyle Beach and “John Doe 2” Agree to Settlement Mediation

Chicago Blackhawks

There is finally progress being made in the settlement talks between the Chicago Blackhawks and the legal representation for Kyle Beach and “John Doe 2” in the sexual assault lawsuits involving former team video coach Brad Aldrich. According to TSN’s Rick Westhead, both sides have agreed to mediation in settlement discussions.

From a legal standpoint, in mediation you get a third party – usually a lawyer and/or retired judge, specifically trained to be a mediator – to work as a middle-man in negotiating sessions to try to get the sides to come to a resolution of issues that works for both sides. Although, mediation is non-binding and either side can walk away at any time.

The two sides began settlement discussions over the past few weeks following the Jenner and Block investigation findings becoming public and Beach coming forward as “John Doe 1,” the former Blackhawks player in 2010 that was allegedly assaulted and harassed by Aldrich during the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Previously, representation for Beach and “John Doe 2” had requested that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, a former lawyer himself, would serve as a mediator in settlement discussions but that request was predictably denied.

Susan Loggans, the attorney for Beach and “John Doe 2” previously analyzed that Beach had lost upwards of $60M-$100M in potential career earnings, so it provides a potential landing spot where the two sides might come to in mediation. The sides will meet beginning December 15, according to Mark Lazerusaccording to Mark Lazerus, so we will keep an eye on this as the settlement date approaches.

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