Kyle Beach and the Blackhawks Reach a Settlement in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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Kyle Beach and the Blackhawks Reach a Settlement in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks and Kyle Beach have reached a settlement through today’s mediation process. Both sides released a joint statement to announce the news of the settlement, which will remain confidential.

The story of former video coach Brad Aldrich’s assault of Beach came to light last spring and slowly we found out the depth of what had happened and the depth to which the Blackhawks organization went to cover-up what happened, sweep Aldrich under the rug and out the door, and operate as if nothing had happened to Beach in May of 2010.

Eventually as the story unfolded, Stan Bowman, Joel Quenneville, and Al MacIsaac were fired from their positions in hockey after their involvement and knowledge of the situation came to light through the Jenner and Block investigation. Aldrich’s name was erased from the 2010 Stanley Cup engraving. But Beach will never be able to get back what he lost out of a potential career in the NHL.

Beach is not the only one who was affected by the actions of Brad Aldrich during or following his time with the Blackhawks. In Michigan, the high school student that was assaulted by Aldrich, “John Doe 2,” is expected to have a settlement meeting with the Blackhawks on December 20.

While the settlement cannot erase what happened to Beach or how the team handled everything that came after the assault against him, it can hopefully help Beach move forward in his life and his journey of processing what happened to him.

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Author: Mario Tirabassi

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